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“I was attacked because I am the leading voice of mainstream conservative views, not any other reason.”

“Obama has already been rejected by the people. Thirty-five, 36% support him on health care. That’s it. No issue that he’s pushing has majority support. Zilch, zero, nada.”

“The nation has already rejected Obama, and socialism, and people, when they have a chance to show it, they are, whether in Massachusetts, New Jersey, or Virginia.”

“We’re on the verge of taking Teddy Kennedy’s seat and a large number of people in our own movement a year ago said nothing like this was ever possible, we couldn’t do it as conservatives. We’re doing it precisely as conservatives.”

“On this program we refused to accept the death of conservatism. On the contrary, my attitude, my position was to make our case for conservatism better than ever before, because it was the only thing that could save our society.”

“I cannot remember a time when politicians in Washington so completely rejected the interests and desires of their own constituents. That is because of the radicalization of the Democrat Party under Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. It is more important to destroy the country and detach the public from decisions that affect them than to win temporary reelection. Permanent transformation of this country to a welfare state is the objective.”

“They know exactly what I said, and they know for a fact that I would never tell people not to donate to any charitable cause like this, so it is what it is. It’s been going on like this for 15 years, and I just shove it aside.”

“The Boston Globe makes the New York Times look like Romper Room when it comes to agenda reporting. Don’t be surprised if the Boston Globe comes in with a very late hit against Brown sometime over the weekend, akin to the George Bush DUI story a couple days before the election in 2000.”

“Remember all of the wise men, all of the wizards of smart on our side who were urging us to forget Reagan, to forget Goldwater? I and several others stood firm.”

“It’s great to be the world’s EMT. It’s bad to be the world’s cop.”

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