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Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot remember a time when politicians in Washington so completely rejected the interests and desires of their own constituents. That is because of the radicalization of the Democrat Party under Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. It is more important to destroy the country and detach the public from decisions that affect them than to win temporary reelection. These people are willing to throw their seats away and their jobs. Permanent transformation of this country to a welfare state is the objective. And they figure they’ll come back in a couple election cycles and finish the job even if they do lose their majorities. Obama has already been rejected by the people. Thirty-five, 36% support him on health care. That’s it. No issue that he’s pushing has majority support. Zilch, zero, nada. The nation has already rejected Obama, and socialism, and people, when they have a chance to show it, they are, whether in Massachusetts, New Jersey, or Virginia.

And, by the way, folks, if there’s no difference in our two parties, then why do we care who wins in Massachusetts? Really. No, no, no. I’m dead serious. If both parties are the same, if there’s not a dime’s worth of difference and we ought to throw all the bums out, why do we care who wins in Massachusetts? What’s the big deal? Coakley no different than Brown, Brown no different than Coakley, is that what we’re being asked to believe, no difference in the two parties? I cannot remember a time when politicians in Washington so completely rejected the interests and desires of their own constituents. And let’s go back, National Press Club, April 25th, 2005, in Washington, Barack Obama spoke about Social Security reform. Remember, Bush was trying to partially privatize Social Security and the Democrats just said ain’t no way, Jose, all over the place. And during the Q&A, an unidentified moderator asks Obama: ‘Somebody in the audience would like to know what should the American people do to stop privatization.’

OBAMA: That’s a different perspective. The — from the previous one. You know, I think the American people have already done it and are continuing to do it. I mean, the fact of the matter is, is the president has been on his 60-day tour, and everywhere he goes the numbers just get worse. The American people have essentially voted on this proposal and really what you have is a situation now where I think that the president and the Republican Congress are going to need to figure out a way to save face and — and step back a little bit. And if — if they let go of their egos — listen, I’ve been on the other side of this where — particularly with my wife. (laughter) Where I’ve gotten in an argument and then at some point in the argument it dawns on me, you know what, I’m wrong on this one and it’s — it’s — it’s irritating, it’s frustrating. You don’t want to admit it, and so to the extent that we can provide the president with a graceful mechanism to — to say we’re sorry, Dear, then I think that would be — that would be helpful.

RUSH: So at the time there was 35% support for Bush’s Social Security reform. And Obama said, (paraphrasing) ‘The people have already voted. The people have already voted everywhere Bush goes, the numbers just get worse, the American people have essentially voted on this proposal, and really what you have is a situation now where I think the president, Republican Congress need to let go of their egos and just apologize and then take it off the table.’ Mr. President, do you have the guts to follow your own advice? You are at 35, 36% on health care. You are governing against the will of the people. The fact of the matter is, wherever you go, your numbers go down. Your numbers get worse. The American people have essentially voted on your health care proposal and really what you have now, Mr. President, is a situation where I think that you and the Democrat Congress are going to need to figure out a way to save face and step back a little bit, maybe drop your ego and apologize to everybody.

Well, I’m just turning his words around on him. This is what he suggested to George W. Bush in the midst of the attempt to privatize Social Security.


RUSH: The headlines from Massachusetts are devastating for the Democrats. ‘Massachusetts: ‘Bottom Has Fallen Out’ of Coakley’s Polls; Dems Prepare to Explain Defeat, Protect Obama.’ ‘Poll Shocker: Brown Surges Ahead in Senate Race,’ and it’s largely the independents. The reason they might send Obama up there is the urban vote, the black vote. That’s Democrat turnout. It’s going to be a low turnout on the Democrat side. There’s no energy. The Republican side is far more energized. They might send Obama up there. He might go. I predict he’ll only go if they have polling data that shows his appearance would push her over the top. He’s not going to go up there if she’s going to lose. It’s that simple. ‘Martha Coakley: Devout Catholics ‘Probably Shouldn’t Work in the Emergency Room” because of ‘separation of church and state.’ It’s really convoluted.

She told a radio host in Massachusetts that if you object to abortion, then you probably shouldn’t work in an emergency room, meaning devout Catholics should not work in an emergency room. This is about the conscience clause. She’s just all over the place. ‘Charlie Cook and Stuart Rothenberg move the Massachusetts Senate race to a toss-up. It’s a sign that the Massachusetts special election is moving in Scott Brown’s direction. The two leading political handicappers in Washington have moved the contest into their toss-up category today.’ By the way, Charlie Cook, The Cook Report: ‘Colossal Miscalculation On Health Care.’ ‘Honorable and intelligent people can disagree over the substance and details of what President Obama and congressional Democrats are trying to do on health care reform and climate change. But nearly a year after Obama’s inauguration, judging by where the Democrats stand today, it’s clear that they have made a colossal miscalculation.’ This will be published tomorrow.
‘The latest unemployment and housing numbers underscore the folly of their decision to pay so much attention to health care and climate change instead of focusing on the economy ‘like a laser beam,’ as President Clinton pledged to do during his 1992 campaign. Although no one can fairly accuse Obama and his party’s leaders of ignoring the economy, they certainly haven’t focused on it like a laser beam.’

Mr. Cook, if I may add more to the point: What they have done has screwed it up like a laser beam. What they have done has made it worse. We should be thankful they haven’t focused on it any more than they have! ‘Last week’s disappointing December unemployment report was the final blow in what was already a bad week for Democrats. One of the most sobering findings in the report was that if 661,000 Americans had not given up even looking for work that month, the unemployment rate would have moved up rather than holding steady at a horrific 10 percent.’ That’s right. So many Americans have given up hope of finding a job. How is that hope and change working for everybody? Most economists had been expecting an increase of about 50,000 jobs in December; instead, the total declined by 85,000.

‘Some 6.1 million Americans, the highest number in the post-World War II era, have been unemployed for 27 weeks or more. The ‘U-6′ rate of unemployment, which adds in people who are working part-time while seeking full-time work and those who have stopped looking, stands at 17.3 percent, the highest level in the 15 years that the Labor Department has calculated it. A number of economists expect that unemployment will get worse before it gets better. … Since World War II, unemployment has exceeded 8 percent in a total of only 12 months in even-numbered (meaning, congressional election) years. All 12 months were in 1982.’ What this means is that Obama is failing. This is an epic fail, an historic fail, because he has succeeded in way too much of his economic agenda. He is in his own mind a success. His agenda has succeeded; the country is failing.

Obama has failed. It’s making the country fail. This is why I wanted his agenda to fail, so America would not fail. I wanted him to fail implementing his agenda so this would not happen, and everybody at the time knew what I meant. I wanted him to fail. I want him to fail on health care, ’cause I want the health care system to remain the best in the world. ‘Even before December’s negative jobs report, economist Robert Reich, who was Labor secretary in the Clinton administration, wrote on TalkingPointsMemo.com that ‘the chances of unemployment being 10 percent next November are overwhelmingly high.’ … Another piece of bad news was the distressing late-December report that the housing sector’s slow improvement had stalled, raising the specter of a second dip. …

”If prices sink 15 percent from here, which is a possibility, and the 2008 and 2009 loans go bad, then we’re back where we were before — in a nightmare.” By the way, companion story: People are just walking out on their mortgages. Just walking out of them! ‘Much of the political debate, meanwhile, has been obsessed with details of competing health care reform bills. Some analysts have wondered whether Democrats in Congress would be better off passing an unpopular bill or risking the consequences of failing to pass one at all.’ Mr. Cook, just look at the polls. This is not a hard question. This is why you’re even writing the piece. They’re focusing on health care and they’re going to lose their majorities. They’re going to lose seats. It’s not a hard question here. ‘More to the point, though, is the probability that if Obama and Hill Democrats had taken a more modest approach to health care reform, they could have pivoted back to jobs and the economy sooner.’

Now, Mr. Cook, I love you, but that’s inside-the-Beltway groupthink. A socialist statist cannot ‘pivot back to the economy’ because everything they do by definition kills economic growth! It’s the mission. Some people are starting to get it. Charles Krauthammer now fully understands. You can tell by his latest column. You can tell he fully understands. One year ago, I doubt Mr. Krauthammer would have used these words: ‘Then began the descent — when, more amazingly still, Obama devoted himself to turning these statist visions into legislative reality.’ A year ago Mr. Krauthammer would not use those words, nor would anybody else on our side, except… Well, no, Levin. It’s all through his book, Liberty and Tyranny, ‘statist.’ Everybody else started coming up with different words ’cause they didn’t want to be accused of stealing from Levin. So they said fascist, whatever it was. Socialist, communist.

Back to Krauthammer: ‘First energy, with cap and trade, an unprecedented federal intrusion into American industry and commerce. It got through the House, with its Democratic majority and Supreme Soviet-style rules. But it will never get out of the Senate.’ A year ago this would not have been said by anybody on our side. So people are beginning to catch up, and soon people like Mr. Cook are going to understand that this is purposeful. They did not spend time on the economy after they did their stimulus because they knew the stimulus would work exactly as it’s working. I know it’s hard to get your arms around that; it’s hard to believe that. Trust me. It’s true. Cap and trade and health care are just more of the same destruction, more of the same expansion of government. More of the same — and they want to get it done as quickly as possible ’cause they know they’re going to lose majorities, lose seats.

They want to get this done. Steny Hoyer is out there saying, ‘Yeah, we might have this whole health care thing done in 72 hours.’ You know why? Because they had another special interest given a goody: The unions! You know, autoworkers and people who make these salaries, if you add their salaries and their health care benefits, the combination adds up to $175,000 a year! These people have Cadillac health insurance coverage which bankrupted their companies. May we be blunt? They’ve got Cadillac health insurance coverage, and under Obama’s new health care reform, they were going to be taxed at 40%. Except the unions yesterday struck a deal! They’re exempt until 2018 and when 2018 comes up they’ll simply extend it again. The unions are exempt from the 40% tax. Now, the tax, that 40% is going to be levied on employers and on insurance companies, and the purpose of this tax is to get them to quit offering insurance.

The purpose of that is to drive everybody to ‘the public option,’ which still exists in the form of these exchanges. The public option is still there and it’s always going to be there. There’s no other reason for these people to be doing what they’re doing. Public option, government-run, single payer: That’s where they’re headed. Forty percent tax except the unions. So if you’re not a member of the AFL-CIO — and the way it’s written is anybody whose health care is a derivative of a collective bargaining agreement. So if you’re a member of the Service Employees International, if you’re a member of the AFL-CIO, United Mine Workers, auto unions (UAW), government unions, teachers unions (National Education Association), you are exempt. It’s not just Richard Trumka’s boys. It’s not just Andy Stern’s boys.

It’s everybody that’s unionized is exempt, which means all the rest of us are going to be paying it big time, and when that 40% tax is levied on insurance companies and on our employers, what the hell do you think is going to happen to employment? People are going to be losing their jobs. You think this isn’t done on purpose? ‘As political analyst and data-cruncher extraordinaire Rhodes Cook noted in the December issue of The Rhodes Cook Letter, no other president in the past half-century has seen his Gallup job-approval rating drop as far as Obama’s has in his first year (down 21 points), and no president in that same half-century has seen his approval rating go up, even as much as 1 point, between the end of his first year and the eve of his first midterm election. Obama and his party have no doubt taken on big and important fights. But given the nation’s tremendous economic troubles, they don’t seem to have picked the most urgent ones.’ Mr. Cook, it won’t be long and you will realize here that the focus on health care and cap and trade was specific. They had, quote, unquote, ‘fixed’ the economy. They’ve had a couple jobs summits. They’re getting everything they want. This is in TheHill.com: ‘Obama Tells Democrats That the Economy and Health Care Will Help in the Midterms.’ Well… (chuckles) It’s a suicide pact.

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