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RUSH: James Carville today. This is from DailyCaller.com: ‘In a survey just published and available on the company’s website, but not yet publicized or reported, the left-leaning public opinion firm Democracy Corps[e] confirms the dangers to Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections.’ Let me summarize this for you. Democracy ‘Corpse’ is the polling company of James Carville and Stanley Greenberg, and, ‘According to the Democracy Corps[e]…’ I know, I know it’s ‘corps.’ It’s a little double entendre here. ‘According to Democracy Corps[e], likely voters have a sharply negative view of the president’s health-care and economic plans, and a far more favorable view of Republicans than they did a few months ago.

‘Because Democracy Corps[e] was founded by Democrats James Carville and Stanley Greenberg, the firm’s findings have significant influence in national Democratic circles. Democracy Corps[e] surveyed more than 1,000 voters nationwide, including more than 800 likely voters,’ and here’s the result: Only one-third of the voters support Obama’s national health care plan. Only one-third! In a Carville poll! As I say, this is not reported yet, but it’s on their website. And a conservative road map to victory is right here, right here in this story, in the James Carville-Stanley Greenberg poll. ‘The survey also confirms the continued deterioration of the standing of Democrat House incumbents. In a comparable Democracy Corps[e] survey conducted last August, likely voters had a warm attitude toward their incumbent House Democrat by a margin of 18 points.

‘For Republicans incumbents, the number was 16. In the current survey by contrast, likely voters gave their Republican incumbent a 19-point edge, while Democrats slipped to 11 points. That’s a shift of 10 percentage points in the relative standing of the two parties in a little more than 4 months. … On voter intensity and propensity to vote, the poll saw a significant GOP edge. Democracy Corps[e] described Republicans as ‘intensely enthusiastic’ about the 2010 vote, with 46 percent seen as ‘very enthusiastic’ about voting in the 2010 congressional elections, against just 33 percent of Democrats.’ That’s pretty big, 46-33. ‘Republicans will be pleased with their standing on individual issues. When asked which party they trust more on the economy, for example, likely voters favor Republicans by 3 points (46 percent to 43 percent).

‘On whom they trust to ‘be on your side,’ Democrats hold a statistically insignificant 1-point edge,’ when they’re usually ten points on that question. ‘On government spending, Republicans have an 11 point advantage. On the deficit, the Republican edge is 8 points’ in a Carville-Greenberg poll! ‘Other questions cast doubt on the ability of Democrats to make up lost ground by tying their opponents to polarizing conservatives.’ Now, this is key. Because right off the bat, remember that first leadership meeting that Obama had in the White House with congressional leadership of both parties. He looked at John Boehner and he said to Boehner, ‘You don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh. Don’t listen to Limbaugh. That’s not how things get done.’ Then Carville, because of polling data they ostensibly had last year, went out and proclaimed me the head of the Republican Party.

And they then proceeded to tie me to every Republican candidate. Whenever they had a Republican they’d ask them about me. Remember Republicans would criticize me and then they would get swarmed by my fans, so to speak, and the Republican would apologize. Carville and all these guys loved it, making me the leader of the Republican Party, and they thought by associating Republicans with me that Democrats would win, on issues and at the ballot box. But ”questions cast doubt on the ability of Democrats to make up lost ground by tying their opponents to polarizing conservatives.’ When told that ‘Democrats are working to pass mainstream, pragmatic solutions and win broad support. Republicans take their lead from extreme partisans like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney,’ 43 percent were more likely to vote for the Democrat candidate, against 53 percent who were not.’

So if you tie me to an issue or to a candidate, 53% were likely not to vote for that candidate in the Carville poll. Only 43% would. So it backfired. It’s just the exact opposite of what they thought. This is on their website. ‘A number of other negative messages about Republicans failed to win the backing of a majority — including messages about Republican obstructionism and Republicans ‘giving power back’ to insurance companies.’ What did I tell you yesterday? ‘By contrast, voters supported a Republican message of lower taxes to promote economic recovery — by a margin of 52 percent to 45 percent.’ This is in the Carville-Greenberg, Democracy ‘Corpse’ poll. It’s just published and available on their website, not yet publicized or reported until now, by me, El Rushbo. I told you yesterday. We played audio of an ad that Obama ran for Martha Coakley up there bashing the insurance companies, and I asked Snerdley about it.

I said, ‘Snerdley, what’s wrong with this ad?’ And he was occupied, watching something else, probably reading Playgirl. I don’t know what it was. I don’t care. I said, ‘I’ll tell you what it was: The insurance companies are not hated. The insurance companies are not hated by a majority of Americans. Obama might think they are because he hates them,’ and then I proceeded to tell every one of you, ‘Just take a look at the Democrat Party enemies list. If you work for an insurance company, you have a crosshair on your back. Obama’s targeting your industry. If you work for an oil company, large or small, you have a crosshair — a target — on your back. Obama and the Democrats want to get rid of oil, and they are blaming you for all the problems in the world. If you work for a bank, I don’t have to tell you what Obama thinks of you. If you work for a Wall Street firm, I don’t have to tell you what Obama thinks of you.

‘If you work for a trucking company, I don’t have to tell you what Obama thinks of you. If you work in anything to do with the health care industry in the private sector, you know that you are a target. Whoever employs you is also a target. Basically, ladies and gentlemen, if you have a job in the private sector, the industry in which you work is being targeted by the Democrat Party and Barack Obama — and they are going to be harmed and damaged. It’s the best way I can tell you to look at this. I’ve gone through their enemies list countless times. They’re not individuals: Big Oil, Big Pharmaceutical, Big Retail. You work at Walmart, I guarantee you — if you shop at Walmart and like it, understand, because they’re not unionized — you are in the crosshairs of the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party seeks to dominate and control as much of the private sector as it can. Obama is right in line with that, leading the way. Just take a look at their enemies list. So this Carville poll proves it: The majority of people in this country do not hate the insurance companies. They do not hate drug companies. They do not hate Walmart. The real hate for all those things exists in the Democrat Party of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. Learn it, and don’t doubt me.

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