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RUSH: Would you like to hear some unabashed hate? You know, we on the right are often impugned and maligned as being the arbiters of hate, that our ideology, conservatism, is nothing but hate. I want to show you what passes for journalism today and real hate. Yesterday on the Stephanie Miller Radio Show, the MSNBC anchor David Shuster showed up to answer some questions. Miller says, ‘Just when you think Rush Limbaugh might have some decency, he just doubles down. I don’t know if you heard the latest thing, not just the president’s using this politically to look good with black people but, you know, that he basically agreed with the caller that said, ‘Oh, they’re directing you to the White House website so they can steal money basically from the Haitian refugees.” Which is not what I said. But anyway, here’s what Shuster’s reply was.

SHUSTER: I said this before about Dick Cheney, that you sometimes wonder when somebody goes through some serious medical complications, as we all have had with relatives in our family, sometimes it changes them, and sometimes mental faculties are not there. Unfortunately, that’s part of life, and whether that explains for example some of the bizarre things Dick Cheney has said over the years and done, who knows, and I just sort of wonder with Rush Limbaugh, with the drug addiction that he had, and some of the medical challenges he’s had, and even his latest stint in the hospital, that maybe there was something that’s happened to him medically that has caused him to lose his mind. (laughing) Because — even more so than it was when he lost it before, because this stuff is crazy.

RUSH: Well, I can see that these people would think it’s crazy based on what they think I said. But you know what’s fascinating about this is that these guys, they’ve been 20 years, 15, let’s say, 15 years of constantly taking me out of context, knowing full well that their sources of what I said do this, and yet they continue to do it knowing full well that they’re reporting things I didn’t say. The next bite, Miller says, ‘Glenn Beck actually said that the president is dividing the country by reacting too quickly to the Haiti situation.’

SHUSTER: Well, you know, maybe I — God forbid, you know, Glenn Beck’s house should ever collapse because of some disaster or burn up because of some fire. If that’s his attitude, then maybe the fire department ought to think twice about putting out the fire at his house, then it can be — he can be on his own and see if his radio listeners want to come and, you know, with hoses or something, because that is such a crazy, stupid thing for people to say. The problem is, some Americans are so idiotic, and they’re being encouraged by these morons in the media who play off their stupidity in the ultimate kind of cynicism. It’s just revolting.

RUSH: So there’s David Shuster on the radio yesterday insulting talk radio audiences and me and Cheney, our medical problems have caused severe problems mentally and we’ve lost our minds, is how they justify it. Since they bring up Haiti, let’s go to audio sound bite number four. This is Harry Belafonte. Day-O! He was on the Tavis Smiley show, PBS. Tavis Smiley said, ‘What do you say to black people? We’ve done what we’ve always wanted to do and they use this language that Obama’s election is the fulfillment of Dr. King’s dreams.’

BELAFONTE: I think that’s a bit of a stretch of Dr. King’s mission and a little stretch how you can define the conclusion. I think that Barack Obama having become President of the United States is but a small test as to the fact that this nation is in a rather incremental way moving forward. I think it is much to America’s credit that it could go to that place, however in the aftermath I think there are millions who have come to the table to tell you that they wish he was dead rather than alive doing some of the things that he is doing.

RUSH: There’s Harry Belafonte. So we’ve got a hate fest going on. The next bite is too long for me to play at this time, 45 seconds long, but he urges the left to put bodies in the street to oppose Obama’s agenda and America’s immoral journey. Harry Belafonte not a fan of Barack Obama. I wonder if the Drive-By Media will question medical conditions he may have suffered and whether he’s lost his mind as well.


RUSH: Here’s the remaining sound bite from Harry Belafonte last night on the PBS Tavis Smiley show. Tavis Smiley says, ‘The White House oftentimes takes being pushed as being told what to do, they take being pushed as you’re being disloyal. They don’t understand necessarily being held to a standard of accountability, being pushed by the left or other persons, they don’t see that as giving them the cover, being the wind at their back that they need to go out and –‘ Does anybody understand this question? You understand the question? What’s he asking? I do not understand the question. You don’t know, you think you know, but you don’t know. Okay, then tell me what you think this question is asking. Okay. He’s not going far enough left. He could go further left and these guys give him cover by pushing him there but he doesn’t want to be pushed because he doesn’t want to be held accountable. Okay, so he’s asking Harry Belafonte about that. I’m not sure anybody would understand this question. Belafonte apparently did. Here’s his answer.

BELAFONTE: When people speak to Barack Obama, they’re usually his intellectual peers, they’re people who share a common interest in power and the perpetuation of power at any price. As long as the banks of America, the insurance companies of America, can razzle-dazzle us with their money and their speeches and wind up still in the place of power where they want to reside is the more they’ll be willing to perpetuate their cause at our expense. We must seriously challenge that. If legislation is not enough, then get behind the legislation and put bodies in the streets, put bodies in the place of disruption, put bodies in the place where it says this immoral journey must come to an end.

RUSH: Well, I don’t know what he’s talking about. Obama’s bashing the banks left and right. He’s raising taxes on the banks. The banks are considering legal action here, saying it’s not constitutional. So the left is upset. He’s not going far enough left even though he is bashing the banks. Do you know the two most prominent buildings in the city of Boston are both named after insurance companies? John Hancock Tower and the Prudential Building. And you people in Boston, I’m just telling you, if you work for either of those two insurance companies your business is in the crosshairs of the Democrat Party. Every business is. Every element of the private sector except that which Obama owns is in the crosshairs. And you see what happens when Obama takes ’em over. When Obama runs ’em he runs ’em into the ground. It does not work out.

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