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RUSH: Public Policy Polling’s Tom Jensen: ‘Here are my biggest takeaways from tonight’s results: This was a repudiation of Barack Obama. Certainly Martha Coakley was a bad candidate and ran a terrible campaign but that doesn’t change the fact that we found Obama’s approval rating at only 44% with the electorate for today’s contest [in Massachusetts], a huge drop from the 62% of the vote he won in the state in 2008.

‘Brown won over 20% of the vote from people who cast ballots for Obama in 2008, and we found that most of those Brown/Obama voters were folks who no longer approve of the job the President is doing.’ Can you say Reagan Democrats? ‘And in one of the bluest states in the country barely 40% of voters expressed support for the Democratic health care bill.’ Only 40%, and yet there’s Andy Stern out there saying that this happened because nobody got the health care bill passed. Nancy Pelosi is saying the same thing.

Oh, by the way, did you see…? I was channel surfing around last night. What a metaphor! I have never enjoyed watching meltdowns like I saw last night on CNN and PMSNBC. Did you see…? Did you see John Kerry on CNN hobble up to the stage on crutches? What a metaphorical heaven it was! What an idiot! John, just stay off the stage! I mean, the whole party’s been crippled! The whole party’s on crutches! Massachusetts voters just cut the legs out from under the Democrat 60-seat majority, which could cripple Obamacare and cap and tax, and Kerry gave us that image. Oh, man. I was digging it, folks. I was digging it up. One year ago — one year ago — we were told that Republicans had become a regional party with no chance of winning in the Northeast. We were told (sadly by some alleged conservatives) that it was time to get over Reagan, that the era of Reagan was over. We were told Republicans were doomed to wander in the wilderness for a generation, that we were a white regional party.

But then came Virginia, and then came New Jersey, and then came Copenhagen where we got booted out of the Olympics on the first vote, and then came ClimateGate. We had all those e-mails showing the whole man-made climate debate is a hoax. Then we had Virginia and Washington, and then of course we had New Jersey and Massachusetts. The people of Massachusetts have been liberated. It’s been almost 60 years but the so-called Kennedy seat has been returned to the people. In New York, recent polling puts former two-term Republican governor George Pataki 13 points ahead of Hillary’s replacement, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. And, by the way, ladies and gentlemen, I think that it is time for Mrs. Clinton to start gearing up for a run for the White House in 2012. I firmly believe that she is. I think the Clintons are waiting out there.

They are watching this. They are watching a lackadaisical failure response to the earthquake in Haiti. They are watching this election result. They’ve been loyal. They’ve been spouting the Obama talking points all over the place. Hillary has dutifully gone wherever she’s been told to go by Obama. Now we had a referendum on Obama; his approval numbers are plunging. No issue he supports enjoys majority support of the American people. Mrs. Clinton, start gearing up for 2012. Her loss was narrow! Operation Chaos (orchestrated by me and executed by many of you) kept her in that race longer than she otherwise would have been. But Obama has failed miserably in record time. And my gal Hillary, who so many of you voted for in the Democrat primary, could be well poised to springboard back into the race in 2012.

I hope she’s pondering it. Nobody could have ever expected (except me) this big and this fast a failure on the part of the president of the United States. But I have no doubts because I know, and knew, that his policies were going to take us right where we are. So make no mistake about it: Even without my urging, Hillary Clinton is salivating and Bill Clinton is salivating because (doing Bill Clinton impression), ‘A few years ago, that guy would’ve been getting us coffee. In a couple more years, that guy can get us coffee. Maybe three.’ In California, Land of a Thousand Liberals, another liberal icon, Barbara ‘Call Me Senator’ Boxer is polling under 50%. She’s leading Republican challengers by only three or four points in a state where Republicans haven’t won a Senate seat in 42 years. In Nevada, Democrat majority leader Dingy Harry Reid is in deep doo-doo.

In Arkansas, Blanche Lincoln has her hips… Well, she’s got her boots on up to her hips. Seven-term Arkansas Democrat congressman Vic Snyder announced he’s not seeking reelection. That’s number five! The myth that conservatives cannot win in blue states is exploded by this year’s elections in New Jersey and now Massachusetts. Liberals can be beaten in their own backyards. We have been aided and assisted by the liberals being arrogant and conceited and showing us who they really are out in the open by virtue of their policies and their arrogant, condescending attitudes. And when people see it they don’t want any part of it. Properly articulated, issue-oriented conservatism will beat liberalism every time it’s tried in whatever part of the country. This has now been established with what happened. Reagan also carried Massachusetts in a 49-state landslide. The myth that conservatives can’t win, the myth that conservatives have to ‘cross the aisle,’ the myth that conservatives have to change who they are to adopt and attract moderates — all of that that we were told by the alleged intelligentsia on our side, in our media, in our party — has been blown to smithereens. Those of us who are conservatives from morning to night — 24/7, 365 — are the ones who are vindicated here. Liberals can be beaten. This is the time. This is the year. No more excuses.

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