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RUSH: Listen to this. Tina Brown of The Daily Beast, in the tank for Obama, in the tank for Clinton, Democrat in the tank. He was on the BBC’s HARDTalk, and the presenter, Stephen Sackur, said, ‘Do you not feel that Obama has been a disappointment to some in the Democrat Party?’

BROWN: A great disappointment to a lot of people. The hype on Obama was entirely unrealistic. I mean in some ways people projected onto Obama a kind of messianic, he’s gonna come in and change the world, it was almost New Age. And, as a matter of fact, I mean when Obama was running, I never did drink that Kool-Aid. I always saw him as somebody who was somewhat professorial, you know, somewhat inexperienced but with an amazing oratorical gift and an ability to mobilize the moment. He was only in the Senate a couple years, he has not really had a huge amount of experience at that and I think that some of that is showing now.

RUSH: Whoa. I don’t remember her saying any of this. I thought she was in the tank on the messianic stuff. Yes, you heard me right. The host, Stephen Sackur, on the show called HARDTalk and Tina Brown on there. (imitating Brown) ‘Yes, he’s been a great disappointment to a lot of people. The hype was entirely unrealistic.’ Oh, really? All these people are jumping ship now. All these people are heading for the tall grass. ‘I never did drink the Kool-Aid. I always saw him as somebody who was somewhat professorial, somewhat inexperienced.’ Really? And you still endorsed him and you couldn’t wait for him to win? I don’t believe this. There wasn’t one person on the Democrat side who was not saying, ‘We’ve never seen anything like this before, we never had a candidate like this before, why, this is going to be postracial, postpartisan, oh, this is wonderful, we’re going to get rid of every sin and we’re going to assuage all our –‘ I don’t remember anybody on the Democrat side saying, ‘Wait a minute, he’s not a messiah, wait a minute, he’s not experienced, wait a minute, he’s professorial, wait –‘ I don’t remember any of that. ‘Cause if it had happened, my friends, we would have trumpeted it all over the EIB Network, and it didn’t happen.

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