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“Folks, this is the Berlin Wall coming down. This is the Ted Kennedy seat. They’re still calling it that, and they’ve lost it. And they lost it to a rookie.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in my life I am proud of Massachusetts, as I paraphrase Michelle (My Belle) Obama.”

“This is not just one election. This is the third blowout involving two or actually three dark blue states. It is not about Coakley’s campaign or Corzine’s problems or Creigh Deeds being a lightweight. The common thread here is Obama. This one’s for you, Mary Jo. This one’s for you, Judge Bork.”

“It is perfectly fine to gloat today. It is called for. This is a day of celebration. But, it is also a beginning. It is not by any means the end of anything.”

“Conservatism won in Massachusetts. Statism, liberalism lost.”

“There’s no way a reasonable person will understand anything on MSNBC.”

“Have you seen what’s happened in Chile? They have had a huge turn to the right. We may all be moving there someday, folks, instead of New Zealand.”

“Be unabashedly eager. Do not be ashamed to be conservative. Do not be ashamed to articulate conservatism. Learn to do it.”

“If you are a Republican and you run against government run health care; if you are a Republican and you run against massive spending and deficits and taxes; if you run for smaller government, you will win. You do not need to throw Ronald Reagan overboard. You do not need to cross the aisle. The independents came to us, big.”

“Conservatism is the answer. The era of Reagan is not over. We don’t dare use this as a launching pad for a third party. We have shown it’s totally unnecessary. Just get back to Reagan conservative roots.”

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