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RUSH: I’m going to start off talking about Obama, ladies and gentlemen, and the Hollywood story line. The rise of Barack Obama was understandable. I mean they got caught up in the real life story line. The emergence of Scott Brown, however, is profound. It really is. You know me, ladies and gentlemen, I have forever celebrated the extraordinary accomplishments of ordinary people. I think it’s one of the great things about this country. Ordinary people do and can accomplish extraordinary things. But rarely have I ever seen any ordinary person bring such extraordinary achievement in such a short time. In political time it’s a nanosecond. Scott Brown, Senator-elect Scott Brown has not even been sworn in yet but he already changed Washington as liberals thought they knew it. A few short weeks ago, folks, 99.9% of the country never knew there was a Scott Brown, just a few weeks ago. And today the unstoppable Obamacare stopped, the arrogant smug veto-proof liberal senators are bouncing off the walls, Sherrod Brown is blaming Max Baucus, Barbara Boxer is in a sweat, the seemingly all powerful Speaker Pelosi has thrown in her mallet.

The Republicans-in-name-only are rethinking their core beliefs, and State-Controlled Media waiting for its next marching orders and wondering if it should follow them. In addition, State-Controlled Media is already trying to help Obama out of this crisis. John Harris at The Politico: ‘Clinton Years Hold Clues for Obama,’ and Mr. Harris writes this. The problem is that the Obama administration is not interested in any help from the Clinton administration. As I cautioned you yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, the left has been so blindsided by this that they have not yet revved up their attack machine, but they will. They’re still in the process of trying to make you think they have changed; that they’ve seen the light; that these results have made an impression. But they’re only changing their skin. They’re not changing who there. They never will, because they can’t. And you just wait: Before long, they will paint Scott Brown as a combination of George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, me, Attila the Hun, and the tooth fairy. They’ll throw out all of these things, they’re going to make him out to be whatever, but it isn’t gonna work because, folks, the toothpaste is out of the tube, the genie is out of the bottle, the bubble has been burst. One ordinary man; one extraordinary achievement.

Look at how it has discombobulated an entire political machine, one election, one guy. And now Obama is taking further aim at the economy. Mr. Depression. He is now attacking the banks all over again, and he’s doing it because the polling data he has suggests that the public is still mad at Wall Street, still mad at banks, still mad at all these bonuses, so it’s pure classy envy, it’s an attempt to revive his poll numbers and in the process he is taking yet another swing at capitalism and is totally taking this country toward depression. He’s not cracking down on the banks, folks. He’s raping them. In Obama’s world if he were able to achieve whatever he wants, there would be no insurance companies, there would be no oil companies, no people or small businesses earning over $250,000 a year, there would be no banks, the government would be running all of this. This paradise that Obama envisions sounds very Mao Tse-tung to me.

Meanwhile, while everybody is scrimping and saving and unemployed with no hope on the horizon for any kind of improvement, Barack Obama lives like a king. His buddies in the unions are rewarded with tax dollars and tax breaks that they have not earned. The government gets bigger and bigger and bigger. And I’ll tell you, Barack Obama uses the word ‘regulation’ to give the impression of reform or consumerism, but when you hear him use the word ‘regulation,’ understand that what he means is nationalization in whole or in part. I am not kidding about this. The word ‘reform’ means nationalization, the word ‘regulation,’ commonsense regulations, meaningful reform, all it means is more government control over as many entities in the private sector as possible. We have a man-child not qualified to be president of the United States sitting in the Oval Office. He always wants to do the biggest this, the biggest that since the Depression or since the founding. He is a man, I think, who is insecure with himself. I think he craves adulation.

These stories we heard yesterday that the White House did believe and still does believe that he is this transformational figure, that he was messianic-like. Well, if they think it they’re treating him that way. And they may be treating him that way because he thinks it, too, even in this period of time this week where it’s all collapsed, everything’s collapsed. He lives in an alternative universe, as though he’s not aware of it, still thinks of himself as the guy causing people to faint in the campaign. Nobody is fainting now, they’re all crying, they’re all panicking. He confuses big with right. He confuses massive with smart. And I think he’s gone through his entire bag of tricks. I don’t think there’s any more left in the repertoire. The repertoire is what’s on the teleprompter, and that’s lost its magic. Look at what he’s doing. He’s in Ohio today stumping for jobs, another speech, another speech on jobs. This is a man who believes the world is governed by the aggressive use of speeches. Another speech on jobs. People don’t want talk. They want work. He’s lashing out, he’s throwing wild punches in every direction now.

Wall Street’s not happy. Seventy-seven percent of investors oppose what he is doing with the banks. Twenty-seven percent of investors support what he’s doing. Who are they? Who are those 27% investors? Support what he’s doing? The investor class is not happy because most of America used to and wants to own stock. So again, he’s lashing out at the American people. There seems to be some instability taking over now. His comments, his actions, they’re not rational. They’re not immersed in reality. I don’t think Obama could win the election of the Chicago city council if he ran for that office today. I know he wouldn’t be reelected president. Did you hear the union guy yesterday who said ‘if’ Obama decides to run in 2012? I read the quote myself. I just don’t remember who it was. I don’t think it was Andy Stern. It might have been Andy Stern, Service Employees International Union, but whoever it was, ‘if’ he chooses to run in 2012. But let me ask you, folks, and let me ask you all on the left: what exactly has Barack Obama done for the middle class? I mean what’s he done for them? We all know what he’s done to the middle class. They don’t have jobs. They’re facing massive tax increases. But what has he done for the middle class?

What exactly has he done for small businesses other than target them? What exactly has Obama done to bring ethics and accountability to government? He has made it worse. What exactly has Obama done to improvement the economic environment in this country? Nothing. What exactly has Obama done to improve reading and writing skills in our schools? What’s he done to improve education? What exactly has Obama done to improve conditions in the inner cities? Nothing. What exactly has Obama done to clean the air and the water? Nothing. What has he done to lower the sea levels? Nothing, although nobody could do that, but he claimed he could. I could go on and on and on. I could ask, what has he done for X, and the answer is: nothing. Except for unions, except for the public employee unions. They appear to be his masters, or his partners. In lieu of doing something substantive and something positive, he spends and spends and attacks and attacks and lashes out.

Literally nothing has improved under this president, not one thing. Nothing. Obama the petulant, criticizing everybody else, still like a child blaming George W. Bush, living in a fantasy world where he tells George Stephanopoulos that the same anger that elected him elected Scott Brown, anger at George W. Bush. Makes a lot of sense. The rage at Bush, a Republican, elects a Republican, Scott Brown, in Massachusetts, for the Ted Kennedy seat. This is scary. It is so devoid and so absent of reality. Criticizing everybody else, demeaning people who have actually created jobs and wealth. They are being focused on. He, ladies and gentlemen, targets and demeans people who create jobs and wealth. He arrogantly makes demands, bullies people, bullies businesses. I don’t think Obama has the concept of the role of a president or the limits of his intelligence or abilities, but the good news is that most of the American people now do. Most of the American people do understand who he is and what, more importantly, he is not. It is time, ladies and gentlemen, to regulate Obama. He is trying to regulate us and everything else. It’s time to regulate him, and that’s what we intend to do in November.


RUSH: By the way, one more thing about President Obama. All he knows how to do, folks, is agitate, which is what he’s doing. That’s all he knows how to do. He knows how to agitate; he knows how to demand solutions. He does not know how to reach them. He has not the slightest idea how to reach solutions. That’s something Saul Alinsky never taught him — and even according to Alinsky that is the difference between an organizer and a leader. An agitator, an organizer demands solutions and agitates. He hasn’t the slightest idea how to reach one.


RUSH: Now, this headline from CNN: ‘Obama to Focus Hard on Economy After Democrat Loss.’ This, folks, is a little bit of an expansion on what I said yesterday regarding how we have to be alert to the attempts of the left to change their skin, their appearance, to fit the current environment. This is one way they do it. They start talking about things that we are interested in, that we think are important, like jobs. So he’s in Ohio today, where the unemployment rate’s what 10.8%, 10.6%? So now backed into a corner, Obama is coming out today and next week to hit the economy and jobs — and doesn’t it sound so good? ‘Oh, yeah! He’s gotten the message now.’ Well, it’s fake, folks. It is a lie. They’ve done everything but throw the kitchen sink out to keep jobs from happening in the natural, normal way. They are assaulting the private sector on purpose. They want the public sector to grow. Now they come in, make it look like they are going to find you jobs. After doing this for a year supposedly they’ve got the message now. It’s just something that we have to constantly be on the alert for and not fall for, and keep a sharp eye because it’s all going to come true exactly as I say.

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