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RUSH: Rush Limbaugh, remember, as long as I’m here, it doesn’t matter where ‘here’ is, although we are in a super-secret location, no one could possibly find us. We are somewhere near Las Vegas. As you know I’m out here judging the Miss America Pageant, 2010, and it’s been a blast. It is a tremendous amount of work. Sunday afternoon for about six or eight hours we got an orientation. On Monday, 12 hours of interviews, nine-and-a-half minutes with 38 of the contestants and we finished it up Monday morning. And last night, Tuesday night was the first of the preliminaries over at the Planet Hollywood Theater. That goes on for the next three nights, the big televised finals on Saturday.

And, you know, these interviews are kind of interesting. I’ve talked to some of these young women who know more than elected people that I’ve interviewed here on the radio. It’s fun to see this up close. The people at the Miss America Organization are just the best I’ve encountered. They are straight down the middle solid people and they take this very seriously. It is a scholarship program. They award millions and millions and millions of dollars to women in college scholarships throughout the year. It’s just a very wholesome, whole-hearted great program, and it’s an honor for me to be part of it. I can’t discuss any details of the contest, of course, because of conflict of interest and so forth. I cannot reveal a thing about any specifics. But it is a fun thing. It’s televised on Saturday night from eight to ten Eastern on the TLC cable network.


RUSH: We are deep in the bowels of a super-secret, heavily secured and fortified location here in Las Vegas. As you know I’m here judging the 2010 Miss America Pageant and it has been a tremendous amount of work, six to eight hours on Sunday afternoon, orientation, interviews with all the contestants started on Monday, and that was 12 hours straight. We finished the remaining interviews on Tuesday up ’til two o’clock, and then the preliminary competition started last night at the Planet Hollywood Theater and the contestants all rotate, swimsuit, on-stage question, talent, and evening gown. And it will take three nights to go through all 53 contestants doing that.

Nobody is eliminated this week. The eliminations start on Saturday. It’s been a fascinating experience, and the people at the Miss America Organization, you would love them. They’re just salt of the earth people, wholesome. These are the kind of people that you’d love living next door to; you’d love to have them as your friends. They deeply believe in what they’re doing. It’s basically a scholarship foundation. They offer more scholarships to more women than any organization in the country. And the contestants, I can’t talk about any of them specifically, any impressions, but they are all bright. As I said in the first hour, some of them know more about politics and current affairs than elected officials that I have interviewed. It’s been fun. It really has, despite the heavy workload.

Fellow judges Vivica A. Fox, noted actress, Shawn Johnson, noted Olympic gymnast, Dave Koz, noted jazz saxophonist, Katie Harman, who is a former Miss America 2002. Brooke White, who was a finalist for American Idol I think recently. So there are six of us, it’s a good group. I, of course, am representing the field of communications. That is my area of expertise and there are other areas of expertise that the other judges use. One of the things I said to them — we met the contestants about halfway through the Sunday afternoon orientation. We were taken over to the Planet Hollywood Theater, which is where the telecast is Saturday night from eight to ten Eastern. We were taken over there to meet all the contestants, not individually, they were seated up in the crowd in stands and we were introduced to them, and all of us, you know, had a few comments for them. And I said to them, ‘I have learned here in the past three hours how seriously everybody takes this.’ Not that I was surprised but I have seen it now, and I asked some of the organizers, ‘As seriously as you take this, why do you leave the judging up to rank amateurs, people who have not done it before?’ And they said, ‘Because you’re all experts in a certain area, certain field, you’re all experts and very accomplished, and we don’t think it’s ever failed.’

So I told all the contestants, ‘Look, I know that you realize that we’re just a bunch of rank amateurs here and you have donated long periods of your life to this moment. And I just want you to know we take it as seriously as you do.’ As they were reading my bio to the contestants it was mentioned that I was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Very thorough, the research here on the part of the Miss America Organization was very thorough, I was noted as a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, and when I had my turn to speak I went up and said, ‘Yeah, I was nominated and I got screwed by Algore.’ And they all busted up laughing. So it’s been fun, and I’m getting along great with all of the judges. It’s just a great experience. I’m glad that I did it. So tonight preliminaries continue, then tomorrow night. Friday is a day off, although I will be here serving humanity on the EIB Network’s Open Line Friday edition of the program. And then Saturday morning we go through a final orientation, a production meeting for the telecast on Saturday night, and that’s again at eight o’clock eastern, five o’clock out here for the finals. So that’s the schedule, and that’s the report of what I have been doing.

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