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“The country has finally been able to see what happens when unchecked liberalism rolls on down the highway. It’s important that this realization never be lost.”

“Most people do not look at these people, presidential candidates, ideologically. I, of course, do.”

“This is my new mission: To make sure everybody looks at liberals and understands who they are.”

“You know people that love ‘process’? As long as the process is ongoing, they’re happy. But what stops process is a solution, the problem being culminated with a solution and then the process is finished.”

“The American people do not want to be wards of the state and they don’t want their country to be a failure, and they don’t want to have their president run around the world and apologize for things we’ve done.”

“Liberalism is ideological. It is governed by it; it is propelled by it. That’s all it is. It’s not pragmatism; it’s not compassion. It’s not love and tolerance and all that. It is a destroyer of freedom.”

“The only way we are similar to a Third World country in education is what we teach and how we indoctrinate students rather than teach them.”

“You know what else was predictable? The Super Bowl storyline: ‘The people of New Orleans deserve this.’ We’re going to get two weeks of Katrina related stories. Since Brett Favre, Brett Favre, Brett Favre is not in the game, that’s what we’re going to get.”

“Can anybody tell me if those great thinkers at Obama’s jobs forum in December have reported back?”

“If pro-choice is pro-choice, well, Tim Tebow’s mother had a choice. She chose birth!”

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