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RUSH: H.R. is doing the screening today. Snerdley has a hangnail and is having problems holding onto the phone, so H.R. pressed into emergency duty. He is telling me that many of you are calling not to go on the air but to highly praise and compliment my letter to Barack Obama that I read in the last half hour. People are asking for a transcript. The transcript of everything on this program, for the most part, will always be found at the end of the day at RushLimbaugh.com. But I’ll do it again in the program before it ends, I’ll save it for the third hour, catch some new tune-ins at that point. I expect there to be a round of criticism over this. I expect that when this gets out that I’ll have all kinds of attacks launched on me, everything from racist, to who does he think he is, to presumptuous, what kind of disrespect is this for the president? Of course none of that will ever be asked of Obama, who the hell does he think he is? He’s the least experienced guy in whatever room he walks into, sitting there busting the chops of the US Supreme Court when they cannot respond, and he’s wrong about what he said: Floodgates will be open to foreign corporations to contribute money to US political campaigns.

That’s not true. The court did not deal with that law. ‘Foreign companies are already prohibited from influencing American campaigns. The current legal prohibitions on foreign involvement in elections are quite specific, and prohibit a foreign national from directly or indirectly contributing to a candidate or party, or paying for a broadcast, cable or satellite communication which refers to a federal candidate in the period before an election (‘electioneering communications’). Furthermore, FEC regulations already prohibit a foreign national from direct, control, or indirectly participating in the decision-making process of any corporation, labor union, or political committee in their election-related activities.’ So it’s a flat-out and out lie, it’s a scare tactic. The libs are all upset because the First Amendment was upheld. Freedom came out of its coma a little bit with that ruling by the US Supreme Court. The libs are all bent out of shape because free speech gets in the way of their plans.

By the way, I have a story in the stack about how Obama’s FCC is targeting over the air television stations, wants the spectrum they broadcast on, the channels, the frequencies. I’ll have the details on that coming up.

Meanwhile, The Politico, right on course, puts out a story today: ‘White House: Obama is Right about Supreme Court Decision.’ So I guess when the White House wants to get something out, they have a rotating bunch of State-Controlled Media they can call to get the message out and they’re not going to be checked. Whatever they say is going to be reported. But it’s clear the president didn’t know what he was talking about, he was out-and-out lying because he knows he’s not going to be fact-checked on matters like that by most in the State-Controlled Media, although AP has a fairly hard-hitting fact-check today on a bunch of things Obama got wrong. Now, I was going to say a bunch of people have sent me the last five minutes of Obama’s speech. I said in the previous hour that I just got impatient. I mean I’d heard it all before.


RUSH: Garrett, Palm Harbor, Florida, nice to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. Watching the State of the Union last night, it was really not surprising that he attacked the Supreme Court the way he did. If you look at the way our administration, or at least the Obama administration acted after Zelaya thumbed its nose at the Supreme Court in Honduras, it just kind of follows a pattern, doesn’t it?

RUSH: You know, that’s exactly right. There was a legal shakeup of a government down there, and Obama wanted to put the dictator — the guy was trying to take over the country — Obama wanted to side with the dictator and go against the Supreme Court down there that validated what had happened.

CALLER: Yeah, it did, and looking at what’s going on in Argentina right now they’re just about to overturn what the Supreme Court is ruling.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Backing up the finance minister over there. It’s really not surprising at all.

RUSH: No, it’s not.

CALLER: And I’m sure we’ll back that one up, too.

RUSH: It’s just now up to people to spot it. We’re helping out, publicizing the stuff. But folks, it’s a great point, even if I say so myself. He’s got nobody to cover up for him. He’s got nobody to do affirmative action for him, nobody to give him an A when he got a D, nobody to write the paper for him, nobody to write the book for him. He’s on display, for four years he’s got no place to hide and this is the first time in his life, possibly, and we’re seeing he doesn’t deal with it well.

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