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Rush’s Morning Update: Rewards
January 29, 2010
No video update while Rush is in Las Vegas.
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There was one sentence in the State ofObama show that must have been slipped in by a speechwriter playing a joke on Obama. Describing an education initiative that supposedly promotes competition, Obama said: “The idea here is simple: Instead of rewarding failure, we only reward success.”

Yes, it’s a simple idea– an idea that is proven to work — but it’salso runs counter to everything liberals believe. Prime example:We have the greatest private health care system in the world. The “reward” Obama’s Democrats have proposed? Destroy it! Punish those with the best health care plans! Turn the whole system into a malignant Big Government bureaucracy.

More examples. We boast the most successful industries in the world. Their “reward”? They’re now the prime targets of Democrats, the big enemies of Obama. From Big Oil to your neighborhood Walmart,almost every successful corporation or business sector in this country is under some kind of attack. They are cast as greedy exploiters,not profitable innovators. Democrats hold them up to scorn and ridicule; Obama bullies them. They don’tpraise themor offer themgratitude for the products and jobs that they produce. They’re accused of everything, from destroying the planet to not paying their so-called fair share of taxes. Small businesses– the engine of our economy– are rewarded by Democrats with relentless waves of new taxes, regulations, and threats.

The only thing liberals rewardin our public schools (and every other government program) is failure! Which is why they get more of it,and why, ultimately, liberalism itself always fails –every time it’s tried.

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