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RUSH: I wanted to comment on this strange story. James O’Keefe and another guy got caught in Mary Landrieu’s office, and the original report in the Washington Post said that… O’Keefe is the guy who with the girl did the BigGovernment.com videos that blew the top off the ACORN scams. He was in there, and got caught in the phone room, and the Washington Post reported what he was doing was bugging the phone lines of Mary Landrieu. Then the police said, ‘No, no, no, that’s not what he was doing. We don’t quite know what he was doing, but he was not bugging it.’ I’ll tell you what he was doing. I know exactly what he was doing.

These people have turned off their phones, or they’re redirecting calls from constituents to go somewhere to a dead line, and then they’re saying, ‘Our phones are jammed. Nobody can get through. We don’t know what’s wrong.’ I bet you… I don’t know this. I’m just speculating. But I’ll bet you O’Keefe and his buddy who posed as telephone repairmen were in there to try to find out if somebody had jimmied with the lines so that constituents could not call the office and complain. ‘Cause remember, during amnesty a couple summers ago, nobody had trouble getting through, and the members of Congress (House and Senate both) got fed up with it. But it was enough to convince everybody not to vote for it.

It was put together behind closed doors, just like the Senate was. I’ve always… During the August recess and during the last fall, I was always puzzled. Why in the world…? Michele Bachmann called and a couple other people called and said, ‘Look, these phone calls aren’t doing anything. We have to have people actually show up. We have to have people show up in the Capitol and eyeball these people, congressmen and senators, and let them see firsthand the rage ’cause the phone calls aren’t working and the e-mail isn’t working. Well, maybe it wasn’t working because the calls were not getting through. Calls were being jammed or forwarded, redirected somehow. I’m just wild guessing, but don’t doubt me. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what O’Keefe was doing.

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