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RUSH: Folks, I forgot to mention to you. There is a Hitler YouTube video with Hitler finding out and mad as hell that I won the dance contest, the judge’s dance contest. I found it last night. I’ll send the link up to Koko at the website so that he can post it and you can see it. MSNBC is playing it, they’re looping it. Everybody is stunned that I have these boss moves. They couldn’t believe it. To these people I’m Mr. Square. I’m the farthest thing from hip in these people’s minds and now they don’t know what to do with this. It’s hard to criticize it. Joy Behar, God love her, the IQ of a pencil eraser, on her show last night tried to say that I was booed by the audience at the Miss America Pageant when I was introduced by Gretchen Carlson on Saturday night, and I can tell you I wasn’t. In fact, I was overwhelmingly accepted. We do have the sound bite, I’ll play it for you. But here first is Joy Behar on her show last night on the Headline News network.

BEHAR: Some people actually booed Limbaugh when Gretchen Carlson introduced him.

CARLSON: From the field of communications and interview, the outspoken star of the Rush Limbaugh Show, Rush Limbaugh. Hey, Rush.

RUSH ARCHIVE: How you doing, Gretchen?

BEHAR: Okay, they’re booing him. Has he lost his mojo with these audiences?

RUSH: She asked that of Candy Crowley of CNN, which you’ll hear her answer in just a second. But let’s go back. Here are the full introductions up to me. They started with Shawn Johnson and then Vivica A. Fox. There is no booing, there’s just huge applause.

CARLSON: We’re fortunate to have an Olympic gold medalist representing the field of fitness, Shawn Johnson. (cheers and applause)

JOHNSON: How are you doing tonight?

CARLSON: I’m great. What one thing are you looking for?

JOHNSON: I’m looking for somebody who’s unique, who stands out and who’s a role model to the generation coming up, because we need a great role model, and these girls are unbelievable.

CARLSON: You’ve been an awesome one. Thank you. And from the field of beauty, the beautiful producer and star, Vivica A. Fox. Vivica, what are you looking for?

FOX: I’m looking for a girl that has the ‘it’ factor. As Miss America, I want her to always leave a positive impression.

CARLSON: Thank you very much, Vivica. From the field of communications and interview, the outspoken star of the Rush Limbaugh Show, Rush Limbaugh. Hey, Rush. (cheers and applause.)

RUSH ARCHIVE: How you doing, Gretchen? Poise, confidence, articulation, and she must like herself.

CARLSON: No doubt. Thanks, Rush.

RUSH: They’re just upset. That was overwhelming applause, as loud as anyone got all night, and Joy just can’t handle it, ‘He was booed, he was booed.’ So Behar asked this question, ‘They’re booing him, has he lost his mojo with these audiences?’ Here’s Candy Crowley.

CROWLEY: No. No. I don’t think so. He is a very solid — the key there is outspoken. You’re — you’re never — you’re going to go very few places that is homogeneous in terms of the politics of it. Doesn’t totally surprise me, but he chooses to be outspoken. What I found about people like Rush Limbaugh and others who are very much identified with hardened positions on either the right or the left is they thrive on that. That doesn’t bother them to be booed. It’s kind of a part of their thing. They expect it in some ways.

RUSH: Yeah, but I wasn’t booed. Trust me, my friends, I was not booed. If I were booed I would have been teased about it out there. I think Joy needs one of these OhMiBods, one of these things that were put in the Grammy gift bags that you hook up there to your iPod. And here’s Zsa Zsa, Arianna Huffington, of the Huffing and Puffington Post. She was also on the Behar show. And after what you just heard with Candy Crowley, Zsa Zsa jumped in.

HUFFINGTON: I think it’s really important to make a distinction between strong positions based on fact and strong positions based on fantasy, and that’s really the problem with Rush Limbaugh. It doesn’t matter if it’s based on reality or not. That’s a distinction we all need to be very conscious of, it’s not just what political perspective you are endorsing, but is what you are saying factual.

RUSH: Nice try, Zsa Zsa. I think Zsa Zsa needs one of those OhMiBods for her mouth. (imitating Huffington) ‘It’s fantasy, Rush Limbaugh deals in fantasy.’ That is one of the ways the left has tried to destroy my credibility by saying I don’t deal in facts and make it all up which is of course just the opposite, it’s what Zsa Zsa does, Zsa Zsa makes it up. I don’t have to make it up because I talk about the left. I know them like every square inch of my — (interruption) no, I would never need an OhMiBod. Why are you asking me if I would use one?


RUSH: Okay, Carol in Jacksonville, Florida, as we start on the phones. Great that you waited and welcome to the broadcast.

CALLER: Hi, Rush: 3.72 trillion mega dittos to you.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Rush, I wanted to tell you. I have not watched the Miss America contest in 30 years. I grew up watching it with my sister, I loved it, and this year watched it only because you were going to be a judge. I watched with my husband and my 11-year-old daughter. We had the best time. My daughter now wants to be Miss America, and I was able to be the nagging mother and say, ‘You need to study hard and practice your piano.’ What a joy, and the women were all lovely, and Caressa was just poised and beautiful and so well spoken. I was so proud. So thank you so much.

RUSH: That’s great. You know, I don’t want to get cheesy about this, but we talk about cultural rot on this program a lot. I don’t mean to be mean here, but Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian? These are not the kind of role models that you would want your little girl to look up to but unfortunately that’s who they are. Everybody is doing Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and all these things because everybody wants to be famous. Everybody’s vomiting everything about themselves trying to become a media star.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: It’s just shallow as it can be, and these women were not shallow. They had all worked really hard for this. Some of them were better than others, but nobody’s the same. Caressa was a standout, there’s no question, but there were many others. Miss California was great. Miss Indiana was a fabulous speaker. She gave Caressa a run for her money, but I’m glad that you had that take from it because not too long ago these were the kinds of women who were role models, then feminism got involved and these kind of women became targets for ridicule.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Really, they don’t deserve to be targets of ridicule. They deserve to be examples of pursuing excellence and trying to be the best. Like Robin Leach asked me in the press conference which was held on Wednesday afternoon: ‘Will America be in good hands with one of these women?’ I said, ‘I am so glad you asked that question, because — undoubtedly, without one moment of hesitation — I say that,’ and I went into what I just explained to you. By the way, this is not a desire to turn the clock back, ’cause I know you can’t do that. This is not me being an old fuddy-duddy. It’s just I was astounded by not — and not just the contestants. Everybody in the Miss America Organization. They’re some of the finest people that I’ve ever known. Any charitable organization could not do wrong to emulate the way these people go about doing their business, and they are a charitable organization: $49 million in scholarships for women they grant over the course of the year toward women’s education opportunities. Everything about it is just wholesome and decent and good. This is what you want your culture and society to be.

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