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Rush’s Morning Update: Insanity Prevails
February 2, 2010

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Well, two liberal organizations have joined forces in a lawsuit that will determine the future of thousands of kids. The teachers union and the NAALCP have filed suit to stop New York City from closing 19 underperforming skrools.

The teachers union claims that the Panel for Education Policy– which has the authority to close failing schools– violated state law because the panel didn’t consider “the impact on the community.” The NAALCP argues that shutting down failing skrools will “hurt” minority children. Mayor Bloomberg and skrool chancellor Joe Klein defend the closings.

In a sane political environment, this wouldn’t be an issue. In the private sector, a franchise store that failed to deliver service would be closed in a heartbeat.

But in liberal-land, where failure is always rewarded, the NAALCP insanely claims minority children are hurt if they can’t stay in these factories of failure! And the teachers union claims the community will be hurtif failing skrools are closed!

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is floating plans to lower standards in the No Child’s Left Behind program to allow more leeway for failing schools to continue to operate. This, after cutting funding for the Washington, DC school-choice program that allowed parents to move kids from failing public schools all the way upto great private schools.

These minority kids are being treated like second-class citizens, prevented from even getting a seat on the bus of success by the very people who claim to be their saviors. It’s just liberal business as usual: Insanity prevails.

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