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A few months ago, there were many “safe” Senate seats on the Democrat side of the aisle. Washington state’s Patty Murray– the “mom in tennis shoes”– was among those considered invincible. Well, things have changed. An Oregon-based firm just released a poll showing Republican Dino Rossi leading Murray 45 to 43 percent.

The day the poll was released, Murray sent an e-mail begging for money. She warned her donors that following Scott Brown’svictory, Republicans “are emboldened like perhaps never before, and their thirst for victory is unquenchable.”

And then came the mandatory call to hate. Murray claimed that since Republicans “can’t run a positive campaign on the strength of their own ideas, they’ll resort to the same old underhanded tactics right out of the Karl Rove playbook.”

By the way, Dino Rossi has given no indication he’s interested in running, thus far. You’ll rememberDemocrats used their corrupt court system in Washington to cheat him out of an election victory when he ran for governor there in 2004.With Rossi leading in the vote tally, Democrats somehow produced more votes in the recount than there were registered voters — with the blessing of the court!That’s the Chicago playbook…which,these days,is being run right out of the White House.

But here’s what counts now. In New York, California, Washington stateand elsewhere,”safe” Democrat Senate seats are big-time inplay. This is the time. This is the year. No excuses. Our thirst for victory is — yes, Patty, you’re right –unquenchable!

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