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RUSH: Here’s Obama, I mean he really must want to get rid of a lot of these Democrats. But he doesn’t sound very convincing here when he says this.

OBAMA: I know these are tough times to hold public office. The natural political instinct is to tread lightly, keep your head down and to play it safe. So many of us campaigned on the idea that we were going to change this health care system. There’s a direct link between the direct work that you guys did on that and the reason that you got into public office in the first place. We’ve gotta finish the job on health care. We’ve gotta finish the job on financial regulatory reform. We’ve got to finish the job. We’ve gotta finish the job even though it’s hard. If that’s where we go, I’m confident that politics in 2010 will take care of themselves.

RUSH: Go for it. You just go for it. You go ahead and you bring health care back up. I still don’t know what to make of this. You still get two stories on this, that they’re working on it behind the scenes, piecemeal and they’re working on it behind the scenes comprehensive, and then there’s actually a third take, the third take is they’re going nowhere. Lawrence O’Donnell, ‘It’s dead.’ They’re just saying this stuff to keep the ‘F-ing retards’ in their base from going ballistic. And that’s probably the accurate theory. Does Obama sound like rah-rah here? You guys get out there and finish the job, we gotta finish the job on health care. I don’t know. It doesn’t sound too convincing to me. Let’s go ahead and one more bite from the president at the Senate Democratic Policy Committee Issues Conference at the Newseum. This is kind of funny.

OBAMA: We’ve gotta constantly make our case, I think, and not play an insider’s game, play an outsider’s game, just turn off the TV, MSNBC, blogs, and just go talk to folks out there instead of being in this echo chamber, where the topic is constantly politics. We’ve got to, I think, get out of the echo chamber. That was a mistake that I think I made last year was just not getting outta here enough and it’s helpful when you do.

RUSH: There is such a difference when this guy’s not on the prompter. He only went out there 427 times. He only had 427 public speeches. ‘I didn’t get out there enough.’ But he has just told the Democrats to turn off the channel that’s propping ’em all up. NBC, by the way, cut outta that speech right after that bite. He also mentioned CNN and Fox earlier but when he then told his own Democrats to basically stop watching the ‘F-ing retards’ at MSNBC, I mean those are the only viewers they had left. I mean this network is losing audience left and right anyway, but it’s the only network that Obama has 24/7 that constantly propagandizes for him and he just told the Democrats to stop watching it.


RUSH: All right. Nobody’s watching MSNBC anymore. The president said, ‘Don’t watch it.’ The president told Democrats in the Senate: ‘You gotta stop watching MSNBC.’ So nobody’s watching it, because Democrats believe and follow Obama like a cultlike figure. They’re still broadcasting, and here’s just something of what they played this morning.

REPORTER: There is a lot going on in the world. Here are some things we thought you should know. Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh says he is PRAY-ing for President Obama, but it’s not actually prayers of goodwill. Here’s what he had to say.

RUSH ARCHIVE: The fact that his agenda has totally failed this year is the best thing that could have happened to this country. I thank God every day that this is going down the tubes.

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