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Rush’s Morning Update: Outreach
February 4, 2010

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After a year of trashing Republicans at every turn, the Obama administration is, according to the New York Times, “intensifying its push to engage Congressional Republicans in policy negotiations as a way to share the burden of governing.”

But this new “outreach” isn’t really about “governing” at all. It’s designed to fool independent voters, who’ve been fleeing the Obama camp in droves. The scheme is to position Obama as above-the-fray and “nonpartisan,” and cast Republicans as “obstructionists” if they fail to join with him. We’ve seenthis before: Clinton tried the same tactic when Democrats lost the House in 1994.

So here is the question. What part of Obama’s agenda should Republicans support? Mirandizing terrorists? Apologizing to the world for America? Reviving his obscene socialized medicine takeover? Imposing unimaginable tax increases and spending? Should Republicans “share the burden” of inflicting these horrors on America?

The truth is, this “outreach” is mere political window dressing. Obama is a committed, hard core, radicalliberal — and his radical agenda hasn’t changed one iota. This talk about listening to conservative ideas is pure BS. All we’re going to get out of this administration is more ultra-liberalism, paid for with more taxes, more spending, and more debt. Any Republican stupid enough to sign onto any part of Obama’s agenda will go down the tubes with the Democrats.

Because one thing is abundantly clear:America has seen what Obama is offering, and we do not want it!

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