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RUSH: ‘An attorney for Scott Brown says in a letter today to the governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, that Brown has been told there may be votes in which he wants to participate. The attorney says Brown wants the results of the January 19th election certified by 11 o’clock tomorrow morning so they can be forwarded to Senate officials for immediate action. The demand reverses Brown’s prior statements on the issue. He’s been saying he was content to wait until February 11th for his swearing in so he could hire a staff and be prepared to assume his duties,’ but something’s percolating in there. He says there are a lot of votes that can happen in a week in the Senate and Paul Kirk is still in there voting, when he really shouldn’t be. So the game’s on.

A number of votes are scheduled in the Senate this week, and the Senate is playing hands off. ‘We’re not going to have anything to do with this,’ but they are behind this. Make no mistake about this, folks. Team Democrat is behind this. Now, Brown wants these results certified by 11 o’clock tomorrow morning ‘so they can be forwarded to Senate officials.’ The Democrats are not going to get away with this. They only get away with this stuff when no one shines the spotlight on it, and EIB has proved time and time again, the spotlight will be shined — and once people pick up on this, it ain’t going to be pretty. Obama’s Democrats in the Senate are blocking the winner of the Ted Kennedy election that took place on January 19th in the Senate.

Now, Obama went up to the Senate today. He had a big meeting, and he told ’em, ‘You gotta keep going, man! You gotta keep fighting. You gotta keep pulling for health care. You gotta keep doing it,’ and they started applauding. I don’t think anybody showed him the latest poll before he went up there and talked to these guys today. It’s Andy Barr in The Politico and it basically says here: ‘Health Care Bill Won’t Help Democrats — Democrats will face nearly the same political environment this fall whether or not they pass health care reform legislation, according to a new poll out Tuesday. So, so much for the advice from Bill Clinton and The Forehead and rest of these Democrat consultants who were all lying to these guys. Clinton was out there saying (doing impression), ‘Y-you know why I lost the House in 1994? You know why that happened? It’s ’cause I didn’t get health care passed. If I’da passed health care it woulda neeeever happened.’

Of course it was a full-fledged lie. If it wasn’t a lie he was just dead wrong. ‘The national survey of 584 registered voters conducted by Public Policy Polling,’ which is a Democrat group, out of North Carolina, ‘shows that Republicans currently have a generic ballot advantage of 43 percent to 40 percent in races for Congress. When voters were asked which party they were more likely to support if a health care bill doesn’t pass, 43 percent still said they would vote for a Republican congressional candidate, while the number who would vote for a Democrat fell to 38 percent. If Democrats were able to send President Barack Obama health care reforms, 45 percent of those surveyed said they would support a Republican and 40 percent would back a Democrat. ‘At this point, it looks like the political damage for Democrats on health care has been done, whether they end up passing the bill or not,’ said PPP President Dean Debnam. ‘Republican support for this fall is identical with, or without it.” You Democrats better take note of this, because the greatest harm to you is passing this thing. But you’re in bad shape regardless. No two ways about it.

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