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RUSH: This is A.J. in Houston. A.J., I’m glad you waited. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Rush Limbaugh, mega big-time dittos! And happy belated birthday. I remember the last time I talked to you on that birthday, I think it was ’07, when I believe Obama was running, and couple things, Rush. Educate us. Wasn’t it Jesse Jackson or somebody that said they was going to drop the N-word and something, something, something, something, and he winded up using it or something. (laughing) I’m going to have fun and then I’m going to get serious. (laughing)

RUSH: That’s right. That’s exactly right. They buried it. They buried it when Jesse Jackson used the N-word.

CALLER: They buried it! But, Rush? I’m going to be nice. If you say something, you’ll be prejudiced, but I’m going to say it for the Obama scholars, for the black folks. Remember I told you he set us back 50 years? And now he got blacks divided. The working blacks understand what he’s doing to the economy. Now the blacks with their hands out, I’m going to tell ’em: They need to wake up and smell the coffee, because this man don’t mean them no good. The only thing you gotta do is look at it: What has he done for you since he’s been in the White House? He hasn’t been in your neighborhood.

RUSH: I asked that question, A.J. I asked that question recently. What has he done for you?

CALLER: Exactly!

RUSH: What has he done for the country? Name one thing that he’s done for you?

CALLER: Rush, I got a question for everybody, every black person, because I’ve been polling myself for it. I go out there and I say, ‘Name me five things that he’s done.’ They can’t name anything. My uncle, I’ll ask him. He said, ‘Well, he won the White House.’ I said, ‘But what is he doing?’ I said, ‘Let me tell you something as a black man. I’m in my fifties and it would be nice to know that a black man won, but now I feel bad because,’ now here goes the race game, again. ‘They said, ‘Oh, black, folks, stupid,’ blah, blah, blah. I’m going to be nice about it. But now you get a chance to show what you can do, and you go and run the country in the ground like he’s doing! So what does that make them seem like — and I know they gonna get mad and I don’t care. It makes it seem like we stupid, Rush!

RUSH: But, A.J., A.J. —

CALLER: Yes, sir?

RUSH: Let me see if I understand what you’re saying.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

RUSH: You’re saying since Obama is running the country into the ground as the first black president, that it’s going to make it tougher for the country to elect the second black president? Is that it?

CALLER: You got it, Rush!


CALLER: You got it. And the thing of it is, it would have been nice if he came in there and did the right things by the country — and you know what I mean: Good jobs, make the economy move —

RUSH: But A.J.!

CALLER: — blame George Bush —

RUSH: He’s created.

CALLER: Yes, sir?

RUSH: He’s saved 600,000 jobs down from two million. But it’s the stimulus package, A.J. He said we would be in even worse shape if he hadn’t done that.

CALLER: But, Rush, only thing you have to do is go to Detroit. Go to Detroit. My mom lives there and it’s a nightmare. There’s not too long left. It’s a nightmare. If he ‘saved’ jobs, where they at? Where? I mean, Rush, I’m trying to figure out: Where are the jobs this man saved? Come on. Go and ask them laid off employees at General Motors and Chrysler in Detroit that had jobs when George Bush left the office that don’t have jobs now. And I’m sick of every time you ask black folks, ‘What, what, what?’ ‘Oh, George Bush! Oh, he was in a mess with George W. Bush.’ I’m like, ‘Wait a minute! Hold on! I got numbers. I got tape. Our economy was booming even after 9-1-1!

RUSH: My brother, you’re fighting a losing battle.

CALLER: Rush, I’m going to keep fighting it.

RUSH: You know, it’s not just the black people you’re talking to. One of the things I think is still propping up Obama up on the likability side is that they so succeeded for eight years in demonizing George W. Bush. But this isn’t going to last forever. At some point the likability is going to start plunging along with the policy stuff as it always has. Great to hear from you, A.J.

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