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RUSH: Now, what I was going to say here, State-Controlled AP headline: ‘Brown Taking Over the Late Senator Kennedy’s Seat — But in response to criticism from conservative radio hosts and newspaper columnists, he pressed Massachusetts officials on Wednesday to certify his election for the hurry-up swearing-in to fill the last two years of Kennedy’s term.’ Um, whose seat is this? ‘Little-known Scott Brown –‘ they refer to him as in this story ‘–taking over the late Senator Kennedy’s seat.’ And the secretary of state in Massachusetts today certifying the election, William Galvin — I have the story here, it’s in the Boston Herald — he’s all but admitting here he didn’t want to certify the Brown win. He uses the occasion to insist that Scott Brown vote the way Ted Kennedy would have. He says, ‘Respect the rights of the majority. We hope Brown will respect the rights of the majority.’ So the secretary of state is basically — and he has no right to do this — he’s basically suggesting that Scott Brown vote the way Senator Kennedy would vote because this is still Senator Kennedy’s term.

And Patrick Kennedy, who is the son of the late Senator Kennedy, a Democrat from Rhode Island, Patrick Kennedy: ‘Scott Brown’s win is way overblown. Bottom line is it just served a lot of people’s political interests to spin this story the way they wanted it.’ Okay, Patrick, let’s talk about what’s overblown and spun for just a second like your dad. Your dad is totally overblown in your mind and the Democrat Party’s mind, but not in everybody’s. He was a self-centered — well, Chappaquiddick says it all. Your uncle’s totally overblown, your cousin Caroline tried to tell us how smart she was. Overblown. Your whole family here is a fairytale that’s been spun for decades just the way Patrick Kennedy’s family wanted it spun. We’re all pretty much over the spinning of the Kennedy family, but the Brown victory is one thing that we recognize is not overblown, the one thing that is genuine and real. You do not take snatching a seat from a Democrat 47 years and call it overblown. You call it shockingly real and happily real.


RUSH: Patrick Kennedy says Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts was ‘overblown’? Patrick, I noticed you ran in Rhode Island. What happened? Is it too hard to win in Massachusetts now for a Kennedy? Well, I’m just asking.


RUSH: By the way, you want to know what the hurry is on the Scott Brown swearing in? The hurry is that they’re going to be nominating a real far radical leftist to the National Labor Relations Board. Obama wants his guy, his name is Craig Becker and apparently Brown can stop it. They can have enough votes to prevent the vote from taking place. Obama really, really wants this, and that’s why they were delaying the swearing in of Brown and it’s why the Republicans got to Brown and said: ‘Demand to be sworn in here.’ I’m also told — now, he’s supposed to be sworn in just over two hours — but I’m told that they’re being pressured, Dingy Harry is being pressured to not go for this, delay it a couple days so they get Craig Becker approved to run up the NLRB. We’ll just have to see.

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