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“Don’t go moderate. Don’t go McCain. Go conservative. That’s what wins. Reagan proved it.”

“Obama says he’s not a Bolshevik or an ideologue. That leaves one other possibility. He’s an idiot, a full-fledged idiot.”

“Do not ever doubt me when I comment on or predict what our lovely mainstream media will do. I know these people, folks.”

“The government is going after Toyota and they’re even accusing the Prius — oh, my God, the sacred Prius — of having brake problems. I didn’t know a Prius went fast enough to need brakes.”

“The market’s voting and it isn’t even November. These are people with skin in the game.”

“You want to talk about Reagan’s budget deficits today? You woulda thought that we were going to die with Reagan deficits listening to Democrats in the media back then.”

“The liberals know, sometimes I think better than we do, that conservatism, well articulated, wins elections. It wins every damn time it’s tried. They know it better than our own party does.”

“Obama is going to be interviewed by Katie Couric before the Super Bowl! Oh, jeez. What about the old adage of keeping politics out of sports? I think I’ve heard that a couple of times in my career.”

“Patrick Kennedy, I notice you ran in Rhode Island. What happened? Is it too hard to win in Massachusetts now for a Kennedy?”

“If I could just know women like I know liberal media people, how my life would change.”

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