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RUSH: The Dow Jones Industrial Average down 107 points. Meanwhile, Obama is out touting how he has brought us back. We are climbing out of the hole we found ourselves in, yet the real money cannot be manipulated. Obama can manipulate the jobs numbers all he wants. But he cannot manipulate the real money on Wall Street. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 107. They are not buying this unemployment number. Look, anybody with half a brain knows it’s bogus. We’ve added a million jobs lost that we didn’t count last year. We’re up to eight million from seven million. We lost 20,000 jobs in January. And the unemployment rate drops three-tenths of a point? No way. Even the new math people understand this. So everybody knows the numbers here are cooked. So they’re not buying the unemployment numbers. Blaming Europe is only going to go so far here. You know, the Obama apologists are trying to focus all this blame on Europe, but don’t doubt the fact that people with real money in the game are frightened to hell of Obama’s budget. They are frightened to hell that he won’t give up on health care. And now they’ll blame the snowstorm, big snowstorm — two feet, maybe, in Washington and New York. Real money is on the line. It’s not government-backed, not government-financed or government-created money on the line. People tend to dummy up and hoard theirs, and it is happening.

Now, a question. Look, I may be Rush ‘Limbully’ here, but I just have to ask a question. I want to know how Europe can be having economic problems at all. Somebody’s going to have to explain this to me. How can they be having economic problems at all as well as huge deficits? Don’t all of these countries have socialized medicine? They do. Well, hasn’t President Obama told us that nationalizing our health care system will solve our deficit problems, that the number one contributor to our deficit is our rising health care costs? And by nationalizing and socializing health care, we can solve the deficit problem? Well, if that’s true then how come there are deficit problems in Europe? They’ve all got socialized medicine. By the way, that Canadian premier that had to come down here for heart surgery. He said he could not get what he needed in Canada, anywhere, which is why he came here. And Obama was just praising Spain recently, wasn’t he? High speed trains, infrastructure improvements. And now we hear that Spain’s an economic basket case, impossibly high deficits and unemployment. And they got high taxes, too. I mean, this is hilarious. Obama is really in a bubble. He is trying to convince you that his alternative reality is real. And it’s not.


RUSH: By the way, Spain is also highly touted as the future of green energy. Spain infrastructure, fast trains, oh, yeah, green energy, they’re showing the way. They’re bust! They are bankrupt.

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