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RUSH: Jill in Centennial, Colorado. Great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Here in metro Denver, Colorado, we are among the top three in the nation in job loss. We are hemorrhaging jobs among the top three in the nation —

RUSH: In metro Denver?

CALLER: Yes, sir. And our mayor, Denver Democrat Mayor John Hickenblooper — I mean Hickenlooper — actually said that job loss and unemployment is more a state of mind. And also regarding the snow blowers that they’re having trouble being delivered out back East… Gee, they are having a hard time getting 18-wheelers to deliver the snow blowers. Three things there: One, why are they having a hard time? Gee, they’re small businesses, independent truckers. Two, what are they getting enough pay to the diesel fuel to ship the snow blowers out there, and number three, what are those snow blowers going to run? On solar power or electricity or combustion engines?

RUSH: Well, you know, I made that point during a previous snowstorm that I think what ought to happen is all the environmentalist wackos ought to get out there and personally sweep the streets with their shovels and everything else, because if it were up to them, we wouldn’t have any snow blowers, we wouldn’t have any snow plows, because there’s no way a snow blower or snow plow is going to run on wind energy or thermodynamic energy or whatever the hell else energy that they’re talking about. Your mayor actually said that unemployment is a state of mind?

CALLER: Yes. And people have lost their jobs for saying that. But also getting back to the snow blowers, how are they going to get ’em in anyway, regarding the truckers and independents?

RUSH: Well, why? The truckers are out of business? Is that what your point is?

CALLER: They’re going to be because of the high prices they have to pay in diesel fuel, as well as the fact that they’re being run out. Yes, what you said.

RUSH: Well, plus there’s nothing to ship. I mean they’ve got —

CALLER: Well, they have the snow blowers, they’re just having a hard time getting the truckers, the 18-wheelers, to get ’em in there.

RUSH: I know, because the truckers have dialed it back. We’ve had calls from the truckers. Nothing’s moving out there. But diesel fuel price is going up, as is the gasoline price, but they could just factor that into the delivery price. The problem, a lot of these cities that have bought the snow blowers can’t pay for them. Don’t have the money for it. But I’m most intrigued by the fact that unemployment is a state of mind. Had a Democrat mayor… Is this supposed to comfort people? Are you supposed to — if you don’t have a job, are you supposed to, ‘Yeah, I do. Yeah! Yeah, I got a job!’ And turns it around for you? If you just say, ‘Yeah, I got a job,’ when you don’t have one, that fixes the situation? Does he mean continued unemployment is a state of mind? Whatever, he’s a Democrat. And he’s trying to mitigate circumstances for his own party.

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