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RUSH: ‘Socialism Viewed Positively by 36% of the American People.’ This is a Gallup poll: ‘More than one-third of Americans (36%) have a positive image of ‘socialism,’ while 58% have a negative image. Views differ by party and ideology, with a majority of Democrats and liberals saying they have a positive view of socialism, compared to a minority of Republicans and conservatives.’ On the Democrat side it looks like 61% of liberals think socialism is a great idea. Fifty-three percent lean that way. Only 20% of conservatives and only 39% of moderates believe that way. Not a surprise. Here’s the bottom line, as Gallup reminds us: ”Socialism’ is not a completely negative term in today’s America. About a third of Americans respond positively when they hear the term. Some of this reaction may reflect unusual or unclear understandings of what socialism means.’ Folks, this should not be too surprising to anybody. I mean, our schools and our media — practically every institution in our culture — does everything it can to provide a clear understanding of what socialism means. It’s practically taught, although not under that name. Of course, there are some people who really do want to be taken care of by the government from the cradle to the grave. Aristotle called them ‘natural slaves.’


RUSH: I have a suggestion for Gallup on their socialism poll. You people at Gallup need to go back. You need to scrap this poll, this survey, and you need to do it again — and forget asking Republicans and Democrats and moderates and independents. Just find taxpayers and non-taxpayers. Just ask them, and then find out what percentage of Americans like and support socialism, ‘taxpayers or non-taxpayers,’ and you’ll find a much more accurate portrayal. Of course, I don’t doubt that all that many Democrats and liberals like socialism; so I guess it’s not an offensive word to call them. I mean, we try to get every demographic to listen to this program, and I’ve always been a little, ah, touchy about using the word ‘socialist.’ But now that I know it’s not a turnoff — and, in fact, is something they actually enjoy — I will use it even more. I probably will try to use it more than I use the word ‘liberal.’

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