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RUSH: Let me get something out of the way here before we move on to other issues. Last night, I’m minding my own business around five o’clock or 5:30, already working on today’s show. I received a flash message from H.R., chief of staff. Sarah Palin’s spokeswoman had just gotten off the phone with him, sort of in a panic. She had said that The Politico was going to run a story saying that Sarah Palin’s spokeswoman had ripped into me for using the R-word and she had called to say, ‘I didn’t mention Rush in particular. They kept asking me about Rush and I kept answering generically. But they kept asking about Rush and I just wanted you to know.’ So I soon saw The Politico story and the reaction to it, and, lo and behold, that’s exactly how The Politico reported it. If it’s a contest between Politico and Sarah Palin’s spokeswoman, I will believe Sarah Palin’s spokeswoman. No question about it. Because the Drive-Bys have been trying to create this ever since it happened — and you talk about transparent? These guys are more transparent in their motives than Obama is, and he’s the one that pledged it. So let’s go to the audio sound bites. Steve Doocy on the Fox & Friends show this morning said this about Palin and me…

DOOCY: Sarah Palin says she is not at war with Rush Limbaugh over Rush’s use of the R-word. Rush repeated the offensive word on his radio show, talking about Rahm Emanuel. But Palin does point out the word is offensive no matter who uses it.

RUSH: Now, last night on MSNBC, Richard Wolffe was the guest. I forget what this guy’s famous for not knowing. He’s a correspondent. He’s written a couple of Obama books or one Obama book and is working on another one. Here’s the question he got: ‘In Palin’s statement she basically said calling people that is not acceptable, but she didn’t actually say she thought Limbaugh had done that. Am I more or less correct here?’

WOLFFE: What would have been consistent would have been maybe a Facebook entry along the lines of what she wrote about Rahm Emanuel: ‘Are you capable of decency, Rush Limbaugh?’ But the question here for her and for those who love her is this question of, does she have the guts to stand up for what she believes in and no matter whether it’s Rush Limbaugh or anyone else. Because if you can’t stand up to a talk radio host, then how are you going to confront Putin when he rears his head?

RUSH: Oh, my God! And they want to say that Obama is showing guts in standing up to people? Okay, here’s the last word on this — the last thought on Rahm Emanuel and Harry Reid. I took some liberties. For those uncomfortable with the favorite words of leading Democrats, ‘Negro’ and ‘retarded,’ I have a question: Are you comfortable with the words or with Harry Reid and Rahm Emanuel? I am uncomfortable with the men and the manner in which they used these words. Words don’t generally offend me. I try not to give people the power to offend me. But Harry Reid and Rahm Emanuel, they do offend me and they scare me and they worry me. These men have cold hearts. They are statists. They have power over all of us. They are trying desperately to exercise that power. In fact, my friends, I am so uncomfortable with these men, I purposely chose to use a rhetorical tool — satire, s-a-t-i-r-e — to ridicule and humiliate them. That tool is an effective blunt object in breaking through walls put up by State-Controlled Media to protect Democrats.


For those of you in Rio Linda, here’s the definition: ‘The use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, et cetera.’ I used Harry Reid’s words and Rahm Emanuel’s words, not mine, to expose and punish their behavior. I used satire to wash their mouths out with soap and made an uncomfortable point. Because the State-Controlled Media would have run any Republican out of office (as in George Allen and ‘Macaca’) if they had been caught saying what Reid and Emanuel said, just as they’re trying to run me off the radio for repeating what they said. Now, I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for Saturday Night Live or the late-night comedians to treat Democrats the way they treat Republicans. If some would choose different methods to expose Reid and Emanuel, fine. We share the same goals and both are useful in getting results. Do not doubt me. Aside from the State-Controlled Media, everybody involved got the point — and so did they. Their outrage is totally fake and totally predictable.

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