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RUSH: Did you hear what Michelle Obama did? This is an ABC News headline. ‘Did Michelle Obama Send the Wrong Message With Obesity Comments?’ She basically admitted that her two girls were fat but that she didn’t see it happening because she was so close to them. You know, she’s big on obesity, childhood obesity. ‘Michelle Obama has earned accolades for making healthy living and eliminating childhood obesity a priority as first lady. But when it came down to personalizing the issue in relation to her daughters, the remarks touched a nerve with some, and praise from others. The first lady made the issue of healthy eating personal last week at an event in Alexandria, Va., where she kicked off a campaign addressing the issue of childhood obesity. ‘We went to our pediatrician all the time,’ Obama said. ‘I thought my kids were perfect — they are and always will be — but he [the doctor] warned that he was concerned that something was getting off balance. I didn’t see the changes. And that’s also part of the problem, or part of the challenge. It’s often hard to see changes in your own kids when you’re living with them day in and day out,’ she added. ‘But we often simply don’t realize that those kids are our kids, and our kids could be in danger of becoming obese. We always think that only happens to someone else’s kid — and I was in that position.”

So Michelle Obama threw her kids under the bus. She has hinted to the world that her kids are fatties. By the way, satire alert, the following may be offensive. The real problem is that Michelle Obama has a doctor, a pediatrician who no doubt’s getting ready to rip her off. Her husband has warned her about these pediatricians. The pediatrician might have lied to Michelle Obama about them being fat as an excuse to do surgery. You know, Obama has warned us about pediatricians. They schedule unnecessary surgeries, remove kids’ tonsils just to line their pockets, and it looks like those scheming rip-off specialists are doing it again here. Warning, satire alert, may be offensive. This time they’re using phony obesity warnings as a get-rich-quick scheme. Michelle ought to know better than this. Her husband has warned all of us about how pediatricians make it up, do false and phony surgeries. If she doesn’t think her kids are fat and the pediatrician does, who’s right? And if they’re not fat and the pediatrician says they’re fat what’s the diabolic purpose that he has in mind?

Diane in Bluffton, South Carolina, welcome. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Oh, thank you, Rush. Years ago I bought your book See, I Told You So. I’ve been a fan since then. My question would be, if I were a first lady, at this point I would be more worried about children not getting enough to eat than too much to eat.

RUSH: Why would that be?

CALLER: Well, because of our economy, because of families.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. More and more families unemployed so less and less food on the table.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Exactly. That would be my concern, instead of at this point children that weigh too much.

RUSH: Well, but, you know, the thing is, her husband is really laser-like focused on jobs now. And he’s got that handled.

CALLER: (laughing) I hope you’re laughing with me, because I find that very amusing.

RUSH: See, the first lady has to do something with kids. All first ladies do something with children.

CALLER: Well, I know. But let’s save them, let’s worry about if they’re getting enough to eat. I’m sorry, I just felt that her problem with obese children is not our problem right now. There are other things she can focus on.

RUSH: Frankly, I agree with you. I think this focus on obesity and that somehow only the government can fix it and only the government and attention from the government can solve it, it’s all rooted in the notion that parents don’t know what the hell to do, that parents are irresponsible, people cannot live their own lives, they cannot make their own wise decisions and the proper judgments and needs nannies and government bureaucrats and so forth to come in like the mayor of New York, no trans fat, no salt, calorie counting labels on every food product, whatever the hell it is. Frankly, it wears me out.

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