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RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, was it not a cable network owned by NBC, which led the charge saying I was mean-spirited, a bigot and so forth in that Michael J. Fox thing? Was it not a cable channel owned by NBC that has been trying to get Sarah Palin to denounce me for using in a satirical way the words of Harry Reid and Rahm Emanuel? ‘The R-word.’ Yes. So there is a sign posted at the NBC cafeteria ‘celebrating’ Black History Month. They post this menu in honor of Black History Month, and a disgruntled employee took a picture of it and e-mailed it. Fried chicken.

In Honor of Black History Month
Fried Chicken
Collard greens w/
Smoked Turkey
White rice/Black Eyed Peas
Jalapeno Cornbread
16 oz Fountain Soda or
20 oz Aquafina Water

He wasn’t the only employee to notice. Fried chicken in honor of Black History Month. I wonder if the servers at the NBC cafeteria in February, Black History Month, speak with a ‘Negro dialect.’ Well it’s NBC, folks, and they’re supposedly above the fray. Those people would never, ever engage in anything so offensive, would they? But there they are — and it was a couple of disgruntled employees who snapped pictures with their cell phones, and the pictures were all over the net.


RUSH: By the way, I’m reminded of something. We’ve got the NBC cafeteria sign in honor of Black History Month: fried chicken, collard greens. It’s a giant sign as you walk into the cafeteria, and I’m reminded what happened to Fuzzy Zoeller at the Masters after Tiger first won there. Fuzzy was asked what he would say to Tiger. ‘Well, I just hope you don’t bring fried chicken to the championships dinner next year,’ and he lost Kmart, which is a million-dollar endorsement, he lost all kinds of endorsements, and I happen to know this from people that would not let that die. Now here’s NBC, hey, we’re not only talking about it, we are offering it, in honor of Black History Month: fried chicken. The only thing that’s not on the menu is watermelon.

Now, Snerdley, how could I do a media tweak and turn this into my having written the sign? How could I, ’cause this is what they did with Rahm Emanuel and the R-word thing, is I started it all. So NBC and their cafeteria has got this sign in honor of Black History Month with fried chicken. Since I mentioned watermelon they’ll put me in there: ‘Limbaugh insulted blacks on his program yesterday by saying the fried chicken dinner is not complete without watermelon.’ I’ll tell you what, that’s what I’m going to do. Next week on Monday, it’s Presidents Day but we’re going to be here. We’re going to call a place and we’re going to have chicken strips, chicken breasts, white chicken meat delivered here for the whole staff. Well, I know Snerdley doesn’t eat meat, but he can at least smell it, and we will have collard greens and watermelon, we’ll bring it all in here. (interruption) Well, it doesn’t matter. Snerdley doesn’t like it, he can’t eat chicken. (laughing) He’s a vegan, and he doesn’t like watermelon, but the rest of the staff does. But that’s not the point, Snerdley. You’ll still be black enough to criticize, don’t worry about that.

What I’m going to do is make a big deal, and we’re going to turn this around. You watch. By Monday, since they haven’t reported the NBC sign anyway, that’s only because a couple employees were offended and took pictures with their cell phones and it’s all over the Net, oh, this is going to be fun. Folks, don’t tell anybody we’re going to do this. Psst, keep it between us. Don’t tell anybody. We’re going to make a big deal of ordering fried chicken and watermelon for the whole staff here on Monday, in honor of Black History Month. Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho. I know what’s gonna happen, we all know what is going to happen. Hopefully Al Sharpton, the Reverend Jackson will go ballistic here. And then on our website we can put the picture of the NBC cafeteria sign.


RUSH: What’s the question, Snerdley? No barbecued ribs, no barbecued ribs. Don’t complicate this. You want some tofu? We’ll get some fried tofu, but you don’t eat barbecued ribs anyway. Now, I’m going to show the picture on the Dittocam. Let me zoom in tight here. This is the cell phone picture that went out, it was taken by the member of the band of Jimmy Fallon’s show. This is the commissary at 30 Rock. NBC, in honor of Black History Month: fried chicken, collard greens with smoked turkey, white rice, black-eyed peas, jalapeno cornbread. You see it. I want to provide video of this so it can be spread even further, all the way across the World Wide Web. And of course it helps that our camera here is HD, which will not obscure the quality of the whole thing. So that’s the picture. That’s at 30 Rock. And again, the employee, NBC employee was Questlove. So far one million people on Twitter have seen it. Questlove is the band leader and drummer for The Roots, which is the house band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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