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RUSH: Deanna Bellandi, the chickification of the news, Associated Press: ‘That historically all-white club known as the US Senate is likely to lose what little diversity it has after November’s elections. Two white men will be competing for President Barack Obama’s former seat in Illinois, now held by Roland Burris, the chamber’s lone African-American. Appointed by the scandal-tainted former governor, Burris won’t be seeking a full term. In contests in Florida, Texas and North Carolina, black candidates face daunting challenges to joining the august body, from difficulty raising cash to lack of name recognition to formidable rivals. Blacks comprise 12.2 percent of the nation’s population, but you wouldn’t know it in the 100-member Senate. Come next year, the total number could add up to zero. ‘It certainly is not a desirable state of affairs,’ said David Bositis, a senior political analyst with the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.’

Now, notice the article is only talking about the diversity of skin color, not the diversity of political thought. In truth, if the Republicans take away more seats from the Democrats’ supermajority, the Congress will be more diverse. Deanna, if the Republicans take away a lot of seats, it will be more diverse in the way diversity counts. But of course in the minds of State-Controlled Associated Press, the color of one’s skin is far more important than the content of their character. In fact, the way I read this, Snerdley, the AP seems to be suggesting that with Senate seats once you go black you can never go back. Once you go black you can never go back, seems like that’s what they’re saying with Senate seats and if you go black and then you go back, somehow some horrible thing has happened. They also seem to be demanding racial quotas for our elected officials in honor of Black History Month. I thought the election of Obama was going to put an end to all this kind of nonsense, didn’t you? I mean that’s what we were told. You go black you’ll never go back, but apparently that bit of philosophy here is being blown to smithereens. AP’s disgruntled about it. I mean you can almost see the tear stains on the paper here of the writer.

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