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RUSH: You know they’re really stumped in the White House. They can’t figure this out, folks, I have it on good authority the Obama administration is just stumped, I mean those that showed up to work today. Do you realize the federal government is not going to work today because of snow, but all these local people have to plow roads. I like it when the federal government’s not at work, don’t misunderstand me, but these people take whatever excuse they can for a day off.

At any rate, this Super Bowl last night may end up being the most watched Super Bowl ever, and Obama was not part of it, and they can’t stand that at the White House, and plus he’s gotten himself into a big mess with that pregame interview with Katie Couric. The Democrats don’t know what the guy is doing now, the Democrats in Congress. Anyway, greetings, folks, great to have you here, Rush Limbaugh, back at it behind the Golden EIB Microphone and broadcast excellence straight ahead. Here’s the phone number if you want to be on the program. 800-282-2882.

I called it, I predicted the outcome last night, and poor, poor Obama. You know, when I learned he had picked the Saints I had to go in there and pick ’em. I wasn’t going to pick the Colts just because of Jim ‘Hearsay,’ but as I told the Hutch on Friday I had to pick the Saints to try to counterbalance the absolute disaster it was that Obama picked ’em because Obama does nothing but pick losers. Yesterday afternoon in a pregame interview with Katie Couric he did a 180 and he picked the Colts. And right then I knew it was over.


RUSH: I was surprised that on third and one that the Colts didn’t call a plunge play, Peyton Manning got ten different passes, gain a yard, yeah, there were some things, but I mean the game is the game. This is the irony to me, and by the way, congratulations, people of New Orleans, this is a great thing for them. I was happy to see it. But the irony of the way these things play out always gets to me. For the past two weeks during all the hype every sportswriter — it’s just like when we had that montage of all those reporters talking about Bush’s choice of Cheney as gravitas, we had like a hundred thousand people saying the choice was gravitas, that Bush needed gravitas. Well, for the past two weeks, we have been hearing that if Peyton Manning won this game, which would be the Colts and his second Super Bowl win, that that would make him the greatest quarterback ever — and the Hutch even said this on Friday — launching him ahead of Tom Brady, who’s won three Super Bowls, Montana who has won four, Bradshaw, who has won four, and how does that happen?

Nothing against you people in Indianapolis, nothing against Manning, I’ve met him a couple of times, and I like him, and he’s a great guy. I’m not a hype guy. I’m not a conventional wisdom guy. I run the other way on whatever the conventional wisdom is, and the conventional wisdom here was Colts by two touchdowns. I love being a maverick renegade in these things. Plus I was objectively analyzing it based on my look at the game. The irony here of two weeks of hype, win this game you’re the best ever, and you throw the interception that loses the game, taking away the hoped-for story line of every sports reporter in America. You want my take on the game, that’s my take on the game. My take on the game, my take on the news is always my take on the media. I read something today that fascinated me. Joe Posnanski, Sports Illustrated, lives in Kansas City. Peyton Manning lost five games as a high school quarterback, three of them were state championship games. He never won a national championship at Tennessee, lost two there against the University of Florida. He is in his career 9-9 in championship games. I did not know any of this. I did not know it ’til I read it in Sports Illustrated today, Joe Posnanski, and he says, ‘Why is this?’ Why does this happen? He doesn’t have any idea either. He’s just putting it out there.

You know, that pick by Tracy Porter, jumped that route — I’m not going to tell you that I was sitting there at that moment in the game shouting to everybody in my room, ‘We need a turnover!’ bam, it happened. I’m not going to tell you I did that. I did. ‘We need a turnover, we need a pick. Yeah, we’re down to three minutes left, they’re marching. Down by seven, yeah, they came on a blitz.’ Another thing I don’t understand, when the Colts tried the 51-yard field goal, that kicker has not kicked anything over 50 yards since 2004. So, again, I knew this. So when they line up I shout to everybody in my house — and they’re in two rooms — and I shout, ‘Ain’t going to happen, no way.’ There it goes, short, wide left. Nothing against Matt Stover, he was put in a position where he hasn’t had any success.

Strange play call. Go for it. There’s fourth and 11 you’re at the end of the half, or close to it. (interruption) No, the offside kick was fabulous, the offside kick was great, the offside kick is the New Orleans Saint’s Shock and Awe. That’s the first onside kick that’s not happened in the fourth quarter ever in the Super Bowl. They’ve got a name for that play, ambush. And the kicker had never, ever kicked an onside kick in a professional game, he’s the punter and the kickoff guy, he didn’t start rehearsing onside kicks until the last two weeks. I loved that call. Absolutely loved it.


RUSH: No, I know that, Snerdley, because I read it in Peter King’s piece in Sports Illustrated today. The name of the play is ‘ambush,’ and this kicker has never done an onside kick. Anyway, great game — and now for football fans, it is bad news. For true football fans, there’s nothing that matters until September now. (sigh) So you have to find other occupations. Well, some people like the Combine and the Draft but I mean there’s nothing to me on the season.


RUSH: Robert, Smithtown, Long Island, nice to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, Rush, it’s an honor to talk to you. Longtime listener and, like you, I’m a longtime Steeler fan. I heard you talking earlier about the graphic they put up on CBS yesterday, it was the first onside kick attempted not in the fourth quarter of a Super Bowl. And I remember back in 1980, like it was yesterday, when we beat the Rams, first quarter, Chuck Noll, after the Steelers had scored a field goal in the opening quarter, tried an onside kick, in the very first quarter of the game. And it was unsuccessful.

RUSH: That was a Super Bowl against the then Los Angeles Rams.

CALLER: The Rams, correct, —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — in January 1980.

RUSH: I had forgotten that, but something told me that back in I guess ’95, the Steelers and Cowboys, Cowher did a surprise onside kick but I don’t know what quarter it was in. I know it was in the second half.

CALLER: That I wanted to look up afterwards but I had no way of getting in touch with CBS at the time, I wanted to let them know that that’s definitely not a true statistic that they put up there, because I remember Chuck Noll doing it and I remember being a little upset about it but the Steelers were such a dominate defense and they gave the ball to the Rams to start the game and then they drove down, the kicked the field goal, and it was a surprise move, a gamble, but —

RUSH: I’ve got that game on tape. I had forgotten that aspect of it.

CALLER: Yep. First quarter, Rush.

RUSH: First quarter, and it was at the Rose Bowl, right?

CALLER: Yes, it was, it was 31-19 final.

RUSH: Yeah. That was slot right 60 prevent hook and go was the 73-yard bomb —


RUSH: — Bradshaw to Stallworth.

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: — that was the game winner.

CALLER: Yeah, Lynn Swann had been knocked out of the game, he had a little trouble — he did his share before he got knocked out but you’re right, Stallworth had a big game and Franco put in the final touchdown to give them that —

RUSH: Yeah, I remember, I remember at halftime Jack Lambert and Joe Greene had meeting, and they said, ‘This is not Steeler football, we’re not playing defense Steeler football.’

CALLER: Jack Lambert was scaring people in the huddle he so intense during that game. Yeah, he said they were sleepwalking. Absolutely.

RUSH: I read Bradshaw say that the Steelers flew to Los Angeles for that game on a DC-9. The DC-9 is a sardine can when you put a football team — they had to stop in Salt Lake City to refuel.


RUSH: A different day in the National Football League. Now they take wide bodies everywhere they can because of the behemoth size of these guys. At any rate, yeah, that game frightened everybody, everybody thought it was going to be a walk-on for the Steelers and Vince Ferragamo had an excellent game as a quarterback for the Rams, and I think that was the game that Jack Youngblood played on a hairline fracture on one of his legs. I’ll never forget that game but I don’t remember the onside kick in the first quarter. I don’t remember that. Grab that tape out.

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