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RUSH: I’ll tell you what, this televised Hail Mary that Obama is seeking here with Republicans, House and Democrats, one problem with the stunt is that it puts Obama in an elevated position to Congress on an issue he’s already lost with the American people. It’s like throwing him a lifeline. He’s man overboard on the SS Big Time cruise ship and they’re throwing him a lifeline, ought not happen. We’re dealing with coequal branches of government here. Obama wants to make it appear that Congress is subservient to him, and you can’t even make his Democrats subservient to him. By the way, the Republicans have made no secret of the fact that they have health care plans, been waving them at him all the time but he’s running around saying they don’t have a plan, now all of a sudden he wants their ideas. It’s an SOS. You know what Obama ought to do? If he really wants to push this, come on this show and debate health care reform with me. If he really wants to move this forward, do that.

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