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RUSH: We have a 15-year-old on the phone from Hayward, Wisconsin. James, I’m glad you called, great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’ve been listening to your show as long as I can remember. I’m 15 years old, so I guess that would make me an official Rush Baby.

RUSH: I’m honored.

CALLER: Yeah. Now, I live in Northern Wisconsin in a very low populated area, so it’s hard for me to go out in public and actually do something. But now that liberal Democrats are on the run after Republican victories in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, I’m wondering what I can do as a 15-year-old boy in Wisconsin to help keep the pressure up and to help protect the future and also my country’s future.

RUSH: Yeah. Your question about how to protect your future is a brilliant and great question. I have an answer for you, but first while you were on hold here, did you just hear this last sound bite I played from President Obama?

CALLER: I can’t remember.

RUSH: You’re probably nervous out there —


RUSH: — knowing you’re next. Let me play the sound bite for you again because this will preface what I’m going to say to you. This is President Obama and a reporter says, ‘But Mr. President, small business say the uncertainty of their future because of your health care plan and cap and trade –‘ meaning the cost of doing business, ‘– they don’t know what it is. And that’s why they’re not hiring and expanding.’ And here the president tells them they’re dead wrong, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

OBAMA: The small businesses I’ve talked to and I’ve been talking to a lot of them as I have been traveling around the country, their biggest problem is right now they can’t get credit out of their banks, so they’re uncertain about that, and they’re still uncertain about orders. You know, do they just have enough customers to justify them doing more? It’s looking better at this point, but that’s not the rationale for people saying I’m not hiring. Let me put it this way. Most small businesses right now, if they’ve got enough customers to make a profit and they can get the bank loans required to boost their payroll, boost their inventory and sell to those customers, they will do so.

RUSH: Now, James, the sheer ignorance of that is breathtaking. So I’m going to give you an answer that’s simple and you’re going to think, ‘Well, Rush is not taking me seriously, especially since I can’t vote.’ But I’m going to tell you what, your future and everybody else’s future in this country is dependent on liberals and Democrats being voted out of power. If that doesn’t happen, then you face even larger obstacles. If you want to work towards something — I know you can’t vote yet, but you can work for people who want to reassert themselves in power positions over Democrats, win office or what have you. Believe me, the biggest threat that you face as a 15-year-old is the debt, the taxes that you haven’t even begun to pay yet because you haven’t started working, but President Obama has spent, and the Democrats. You are starting so deep in the hole as is everybody your age. You don’t know it yet — well, maybe you do. You’re a Rush Baby. You probably do. But the first and foremost thing, as evidenced by this last sound bite, we have got to get people who are trying to destroy the very place that your success resides, and that’s the American private sector, they are trying to destroy it, they are in the process of taking as much opportunity away from people as possible. The thing that will secure your future is having these people thrown out of power at the ballot box by the American people every election in the future for the foreseeable future. Their time is done and they have to go.


RUSH: I want to expand on the 15-year-old James from upper Wisconsin: What can he do to secure his future? As a Rush Baby, he’s way ahead of the game. He knows a lot of stuff that people his age don’t. So, James, your job is to talk to other people your age. You gotta become the one in your circle of friends that has all the answers. You gotta become the go-to guy whenever there’s confusion or curiosity about something, and you’re perfectly situated to be that guy. People need to learn the history of this country. The Constitution is what made this country great, the greatest country ever. It’s not that hard. Once you learn that you’ll understand what’s being done to tear it down. But there’s a great piece today in the American Thinker.

It’s by Carol Peracchio. She is a registered nurse, not a professional writer. She’s just a registered nurse. She wrote this piece for the AmericanThinker.com: ‘My husband’s cousin Paulette called me the morning of January 20 from Massachusetts. Breathless with excitement, her words tumbling out so fast I could barely keep up, she recounted the joy of Scott Brown’s win in the special election to the US Senate. Paulette is 66 years old. She and her husband are retired. She has an active social life, which includes lots of friends and competitive amateur tennis. She babysits her granddaughter and checks on her 92-year-old father in Florida every day. She told me she’d never been politically active, ‘except for voting, of course.’ But all that changed after Barack Obama’s election. Paulette started watching FOX News and listening to Rush Limbaugh. Health care reform, with its 500-billion-dollar Medicare cuts, scared her out of her wits.

‘When she learned I write articles for AT, mostly about health care, she started calling me periodically last summer. We’d commiserate on how discouraging it was that no one in Washington is listening, or even seems to care. Paulette, like so many of us, felt frustrated and helpless. Then Senator Kennedy passed away, and a political activist was born. Paulette described her first meeting with Scott Brown. A friend called one morning in late November to tell her that State Senator Brown was coming to town that day to open a campaign office. ‘I barely had time to throw on clothes. I didn’t care how I looked,’ she told me. She rushed over to the office and signed up that day to work. ‘I told Scott Brown that we are going to win this.’ I asked her how she could be so certain back in November, when absolutely no one out here believed Brown had a chance.

”I knew we would win because I lived there. I talk to lots of people. I knew how we all felt about what Obama and the Democrats were doing.’ Then she added, ‘I just couldn’t take any more.’ So Paulette went to work. She staffed the office several days per week, answering phones and handing out signs and literature. She knocked on doors all over her neighborhood. She visited shut-ins and helped them request absentee ballots. She helped organize volunteers to drive voters to the polls. Just before Christmas, she called to give me another update. She was off to follow up on some of those absentee ballots. ‘There’s a family down the street that has four. I need to make sure they got mailed.’ Every day when Paulette would drive to the elementary school to pick up her granddaughter, she would stand next to her car and wave her ‘Scott Brown for US Senate’ sign at the passing traffic.

”I get a few thumbs down,’ she reported, ‘but most people honk their horns and smile.’ When Paulette called me the Friday before the election, she hadn’t a scintilla of doubt that Brown would win. ‘We’re going to do it, Carol!’ she exclaimed. ‘We’re going to stop Obama!’ The polls reflected her optimism. But on the political shows over the weekend, conservatives appeared afraid to be hopeful. More than once I heard it expressed that a Brown win was a long shot. They consoled themselves by saying that even if he lost by a narrow margin, that would be a victory in blue, blue Massachusetts. A loss for Brown wouldn’t be a victory for Paulette, however. To Paulette, victory meant Scott Brown would be senator. Conservative internet forums were just as pessimistic as the TV pundits. Over and over I read comments gloomily describing how Brown would have to win by double digits to overcome the inevitable ACORN and union fraud.

‘I asked Paulette about it. She laughed it off. ‘We’re going to win,’ she repeated.’ I live here! ‘So on Tuesday night, as Martha Coakley conceded hours, if not days, earlier than the conventional wisdom predicted, I had the feeling that Paulette was the only person who wasn’t surprised. The next morning, I could do nothing but offer my deep gratitude to Paulette and the others in Massachusetts who ‘just couldn’t take any more.’ Scott Brown deserves credit, of course, for fighting an amazing campaign. But I think it’s the Paulettes in Massachusetts who have the most to teach us. Such as: 1. There are a lot of voters out there who agree with us. Poll after poll shows that conservatives make up the largest voting bloc in America. It’s high time we conservatives actually believed it.

‘2. There is no substitute, absolutely none, for personal, grassroots involvement in campaigns,’ and James, up there in the northern climes of Wisconsin, this is for you: ‘Too many of us want to just ‘mail in’ our support.’ A lot of people think grassroots doesn’t matter. It’s so far removed from Washington, how can it possibly matter? You mean I’m going to stuff envelopes? This advice is absolutely right on the money: There is no substitute, absolutely none, for personal, grassroots involvement in campaigns. … ‘3. Democrat and ACORN fraud cannot overcome a tidal wave of conservative and like-minded independent voters, even in liberal Massachusetts and New Jersey. For far too long we have accepted the inevitability of losing because of Democrat voter fraud. … 4. We have to get involved early. … The time for conservative involvement is yesterday.

‘Brown’s win taught us that no seat is 100% safe. (My dream is to see that proved again in Barney Frank’s district.) My own congressman is a blue dog Democrat who voted for cap and trade. I wonder if he has any idea what’s in store for him this election year.’ He ought to because I have been telling him! ‘So here’s to you, Paulette, and all your fellow patriots in Massachusetts. I can almost hear our Founders saying, ‘Ya done good!” That’s Carol Peracchio, a registered nurse and contributor to AmericanThinker.com. It’s an anecdotal story involving one voter, but it’s dead on. There is nothing that ACORN and the unions can do to stop a tidal wave, and a tidal wave is what’s brewing. The Democrats, folks, will always tell us what they’re afraid of — Sarah Palin, the tea parties — by telling us that we can’t win with whatever candidate or organization. ‘You gotta get rid of Palin! You gotta get rid of the tea party!’ They’re scared to death. Make no mistake about it. Especially after Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, they’re back on their heels. The press is not reporting how discombobulated they are.

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