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RUSH: Blizzard in Washington. Blizzard in New York City. What’s happening here, folks, I have it on good authority, what’s causing all of this — and this comes from our official climatologist, Dr. Roy Spencer, University of Alabama Huntsville, UAH — all of these storms and the chilly Florida winters are being caused by El Nino, you can count on it. Whenever you hear there’s an El Nino you’re going to get mudslides in California, you’re going to get colder weather here in the South and Southeast, and you’re going to get a lot of rain. Now, normally the rain would be going further north and the global warming models all predict that the cold weather would be going north and it’s the exact opposite. All of this is much southerly, much more southerly than it ought to be. These two storms are merging here and they’re El Nino storms, Mother Nature can’t do anything about that, and it’s just another nail in the coffin of the whole global warming thing, and each time, you know, every day like this, where is Algore? Where is the media asking Algore what’s going on with this? I mean the IPCC has been destroyed credibility-wise. It doesn’t mean that the leftist goons are giving up by any stretch, but nobody’s had any curiosity to go out and try to find Algore and ask him to explain this or at least comment on it. I find that fascinating.


RUSH: Now, the National Guard is out in Washington, we have snowplows out all over from Chicago to Washington to New York. What is it that’s powering these snowplows? What is it? It’s the internal combustion engine. And of course it’s either diesel or gasoline powering these snow blowers and the snowplows. I think we all need to have a good laugh here at the expense of the environmentalist wacko communists in New York, Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, and every other snow-packed town or city whose houses are equipped with Ed Begley Jr. recommended solar panels. You got people relying on solar panels and windmills and all of these other green energy technologies. Imagine how frustrated these people are who say they’re going to save the planet and they can’t even save themselves. Their own technology could not get them to the grocery store during a situation like this. Their own technology would not enable them to feed themselves. They have to rely on snowplows powered by gas-guzzling combustion engines in order to get out of their driveways to drive or bike or go to a global warming protest in the middle of a blizzard. I just find this ironic, and, of course, you know me, my friends, I laugh at it.

If Congress wasn’t shut down due to the weather today it could be declared National Combustion Engine Day, a tribute to one of the truly great inventions in the history of mankind. (interruption) No, no, no, Snerdley, I’m serious about this. You look at what’s happened. If we relied on the green people, if we relied on the green Nazi police, if we relied on these people, we wouldn’t be able to clear snow. What are we going to clear the snow with? And how about another shout-out to the blizzard first responders? Do you know who else is closed, if you want to really have a laugh, FEMA. The federal government’s closed today, and along with it FEMA. The FEMA office in Washington is closed. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is shut down, totally shut down. There are people nevertheless working 24/7 to clear the streets, to fix power lines, to get entire cities back to work. These are unsung heroes, and they are using the internal combustion engine and traditional energy sources in order to do their work. They never complain.

Liberals will soon be able to get back to work making life a little more difficult for every one of us while they impose higher taxes, more regulations, never-ending stream of condescension and scorn on everybody, yet they sit toasty warm inside their homes, not for anything they’ve done, and not for any contribution they’ve made. You know these guys that drive snowplows, they also drive to tea parties. These are the guys that love Sarah Palin, probably listening to me at this very moment as we give them a shout-out, unsung heroes, the people outside their homes clearing the streets so everybody, including the environmentalist wackos, can get wherever they have to go to feed themselves, to restock their shelves at the grocery store. Clearing the path so that the restocking trucks can get to the grocery store. Thank God for the internal combustion engine, my friends. Thank God for the hardworking Americans who make and drive ’em.


RUSH: I want you to listen to a couple sound bites. We’re going to start here with number one, Mike, I changed my mind here on the fly. The left is clearly calling these snowstorms in the Drive-By Media the Snowpocalypse to make it sound like it’s being caused by global warming. Snowpocalypse, and they’ve also called it Snowmageddon. I think Obama came up with that. So here’s a montage of a bunch of Drive-By Media types.

RATIGAN: These Snowpocalypses that have been going through DC and other extreme weather events are precisely what climate scientists have been predicting, fearing and anticipating because of global warming.

LIU: Some called it the Snowpocalypse.

JARRETT: Snowpocalypse.

DEAN: Two storms combining to bring us Snowpocalypse.

COSTELLO: Snowpocalypse.

CHANG: What’s now being called Snowpocalypse.

GREGORY: The Snowpocalypse.

WYDEN: We’re looking at Snowpocalypse.

TAPPER: The Snowpocalypse.

RUSH: The Snowpocalypse. Is it not amazing? Is it not amazing, somebody comes up with the word and they all repeat it. That first quote was from Dylan Ratigan, who keeps being shuffled around to different time slots over at MSNBC. ‘Extreme weather events precisely what climate scientists have been predicting, fearing and anticipating because of global warming.’ Global warming is causing these blizzards and record cold temperatures.


RUSH: I spoke too soon out there, ladies and gentlemen, in praising the snowplow operators. This just in. What is the term? Breaking news: ‘From Washington, DC, and neighboring Montgomery County, Maryland. They have just lived up to reputation as wimpy weather warriors. FoxNews.com is reporting that DC and Montgomery County, Maryland, have suspended snowplow operations as a blizzard bears down on the region.’ Now, remember, 25% of their snowplows were sitting idle anyway because they’re in disrepair. So the government officials in DC and Montgomery County, Maryland, are failing to take advantage of the internal combustion engine and just giving up. They can’t keep up with the blizzard. They’ll deal with it after the blizzard hits.


RUSH: ‘Fifteen months ago Robert Kennedy Jr, the son of Robert Kennedy Sr. … By the way, this is the Robert Kennedy Jr. ‘who flies around on private planes so as to tell larger numbers of people how they must live their lives in order to save the planet.’ according to David Freddoso, the Washington, DC, Examiner. ‘Robert F. Kennedy Jr. … wrote a column last year on the lack of winter weather in Washington, DC. ‘In Virginia, the weather also has changed dramatically. Recently arrived residents in the northern suburbs, accustomed to today’s anemic winters, might find it astonishing to learn that there were once ski runs on Ballantrae Hill in McLean, with a rope tow and local ski club. Snow is so scarce today that most Virginia children probably don’t own a sled.” Anyway, it goes on to say that global warming would mean no snow or cold in Washington, DC. Everywhere you look these people who have no credibility to begin with in the first place (other than having it bestowed on them by a sycophantic media), their credibility is falling apart.

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