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“We are confronted by people who believe in the destruction of this society, and we have to get hold of the levers of power as fast as possible to stop this.”

“I consider myself a grassroots person. I’m not a political aficionado in some media capital. I’m a guy on the radio who has closer ties with the people who make this country work than I have with politicos, politicians, intellectuals and effete snobs in Washington and New York.”

“It is never appropriate to silence yourself if that means silencing your principles.”

“Can’t get any worse than Bush? Well, here we are. It is so much worse that the country as we know it is hanging in the balance.”

“We all have our roles, motivations, and opportunities. We should do all that we can in our own way to advance our ideals. There’s simply no alternative here if you love the country.”

“The federal government’s closed today, and along with it FEMA. There are people nevertheless working 24/7 to clear the streets, fix power lines, to get entire cities back to work. These are unsung heroes, and they are using the internal combustion engine and traditional energy sources in order to do their work.”

“Thank God for the internal combustion engine, my friends. Thank God for the hardworking Americans who make and drive ’em.”

“Two-thirds of women end up being disappointed on Valentine’s Day. The odds are one or more of them are yours. It need not be the case: RushProFlowers.com.”

“We embarked over a year ago on a course to save America, and you’re part of it, you’re making it happen, and we will.”

“Obama doesn’t have one person in his cabinet that has private sector experience in business. Well, John Kerry ran a muffin shop, but look how that turned out. That didn’t turn out well. There’s not one person in his cabinet. All they have is a bunch of theoreticians.”

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