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“I, frankly, think that there’s nothing wrong with being the party of ‘no,’ especially at this point in time and on this issue of Obamacare.”

“Obama’s health care proposals are not intended to help the people. They are intended to help the Democrat Party, and that’s why Obama keeps pushing it.”

“Become like me, the go-to person in your clique of friends when anybody has a question, you be the one that has the answer. Just make sure the answer is right. And the best way to become the go-to person is just listen to the show every day and go to my website, which is encyclopedic.”

“If there’s partisan gridlock it’s partisan Democrats who can’t get along with each other from the House to the Senate.”

“Can you imagine being in a room full of Joe Bidens? Who would want that?”

“What in the world is there to want to compromise with this administration on? This administration’s destroying the private sector on purpose. This administration is trying to take over one-sixth of the US economy.”

“Once again I, El Rushbo, snookered into working on Presidents Day, for like the 21st year. Hell, not 21st, 24th. I worked every Presidents Day in Sacramento, too.”

“For the Republicans to go to this meeting with Obama thinking they’re going to ‘go on offense’ is like me telling you that a caller is going to determine how this radio program turns out. It just isn’t going to happen.”

“These guys in the State-Controlled Media are so detached from reality, it is laughable and humorous to watch.”

“Who gets to keep the handcuffs that they were cuffed with? Henry Louis Gates did!”

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