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RUSH: Doug Wilder — who last week wrote a piece saying that Obama needs to fire the Chicago thugocracy surrounding him because they’re misleading him (forgetting that Obama is the lead thug of the Chicago thugocracy) was on C-SPAN’s Washington (that would be ‘Warshington’ for those of you in Rio Linda) Journal on Saturday morning. Does anybody watch C-SPAN on Saturday morning, other than people…? (interruption) Snerdley does.

Do you also dress up in Revolutionary War garb and run around and pretend to fight? Well, that’s what people who watch C-SPAN on Saturday morning do. I once — in my ill-fated one year in college — I had a college history professor that did that. They reenacted the Civil War in Kapahaw Park, the Blues and the Grays. They actually pretended to shoot people and die. This is a forerunner of the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament in which they walked across the countries. They got to the Energy Department and they ‘died,’ had a die-in on the steps there. They just poured red paint all over themselves on the steps to simulate what would happen at a moment of nuclear blast. Actually it’s what would happen in a Saw movie. In a nuclear blast you wouldn’t see any blood, you’d be vaporized. Have you seen the Saw movies? You don’t want to. If you don’t know about them, you don’t want to watch them. But they do pose an interesting moral question.

In fact, I just watched Saw VI last night. (interruption) Oh, yeah. I’ve watched ’em. I watched Saw VI last night. It’s gruesome. But it’s all about the immorality of insurance companies and health care. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Even the Saw movies got political. But I like Tobin Bell, who played the evil bad guy in these movies. Tobin Bell was also in the first or second season of 24. He’s a great evil mastermind guy. Anyway, Doug Wilder. Where was I? It’s hard to stay focused on something like Doug Wilder. He’s eminently boring. That’s why he’s on C-SPAN on Saturday. He was Washington Journal and they had a caller from Ohio: ‘Why has Obama and his spokespeople allow certain people in the Republican Party to get away with saying that they hope he fails? Somebody like Rush Limbaugh could get away with it because he’s not a patriot in any way, shape, or form. He’s a political pundit. Nonetheless, he and anybody else who would ever publicly state that they hope the president should fail should be called out and say, ‘How can you possibly be a patriot?’ Predict failure, that’s okay. Hope for it? No way.’

WILDER: They’re really saying they want to see themselves fail. They want to see their country fail. They want to see, uh, their children and their grandchildren fail. Anyone who wants to see that isn’t really seeking for the betterment of our country and our nation. And, uh, th-there’s no need to continue to argue with those people.

RUSH: Nobody’s arguing with me, Governor. They’re denouncing me, but nobody will debate me on this. But how can somebody be so wrong? ‘They’re saying they want to see themselves fail’? No-o-o. Governor, I want to continue to succeed, and I don’t want some president taking away the opportunity. I want every American to have the chance to succeed — I want every American and his kids and grandkids to have a chance to succeed — and it’s being taken away from us by Barack Obama. If Obama gets what he wants, success is going to have to be defined in a whole different way, like, ‘How much did I score from the government last month?’ not, ‘How well am I doing my job?’ Anyone who wants to see that isn’t really speaking for the betterment of our country. We’re trying to save it, Governor. We’re trying to save America from this assault. A caller from Ohio: ‘The comments by a judge who disagreed with Rush Limbaugh’s ability are right to say he hopes Obama fails. He didn’t want him to fail, he wants his policies to fail such as cap and trade, this overblown health care stimulus plan. I get tired of people taking certain things out of context making an issue out of them and that’s what I really have to say. Thank you very much.’

WILDER: Well, you know that old expression, ‘It ain’t what you do, it’s the way you do it’? It ain’t what you say, it’s the way you say it. A lot of people have come away with the idea that Mr. Limbaugh’s impression and his statements were calculated to say that he wished that the president would fail. That has been corrected by Mr. Limbaugh.

RUSH: No, I won’t correct it!

WILDER: He has every opportunity because he’s on live all the time, to say, ‘No, I wish the president does not fail.’ I don’t think you’re going to get him to say that.

RUSH: No way! If he adopts a Reagan agenda then I’m going to be the biggest supporter that Barack Obama has in this country. If he adopts a freedom and liberty and economic-expansion-of-the-private-sector-not-government agenda, he’s going to have the biggest supporter in the world in me. But if he continues on this path of wrecking the country as we’ve known it, I do want him to fail! Wanting him to fail is identical with his policies failing. I wanted Gorbachev to fail. I wanted Stalin to fail. I wanted Dung Xiaoping to fail! I want Chavez to fail. I hoped that Castro would fail. (interruption) Snerdley is going nuts in there. What possible…? (laughing) On Presidents Day! Oh. ‘On Presidents Day, Limbaugh Doubles Down: Wants Obama to Fail.’

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