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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen: Lake Erie is now frozen over. ‘For the first time in 14 years, the 241-mile-long lake is virtually frozen over from one end to the other.’ Now, this will prevent a bunch of lake effect snows because what happens within, you got cold air mass over the relatively warmer waters of the lake, and it rises up there, it condenses in the clouds and, bammo! You get lake effect snow. Not cold front snow but lake effect. So lake effect snow will be way down since the ice on the surface of the lake is not nearly as warm as the water, relatively speaking. Now, the reason that this is important is we find ourselves here each and every day more and more is known… For example, now the IPCC. Somebody’s going to have to run in there and take the peace prize away from these people and from Algore, because every day there’s a new revelation. Now, an independent scientist –who is not either a global warming ‘believer’ or a ‘denier,’ he doesn’t care, he’s just a scientist — has examined the data from which they concluded that global warming is causing more and more intense hurricanes.

It’s not true. The data doesn’t support their conclusion. It just isn’t true. He says, ‘I defy anybody to show me where my reading of their data is wrong,’ and, of course, nobody is going to step forth. The whole thing is made up! The whole thing is made up, and the bottom continues to fall out. Yet the Obama administration… Not one US media outlet other than Fox and of course us is reporting any of this — Not one! — because our media is no longer media. They are repeaters and propagandists. So I take you back to April 13th of 2007. Laurie David, who’s a big environmentalist person out in Hollywood (the ex-wife of Larry David) sent an open letter to me via the Huffing and Puffington Post: ‘Dear Mr. Limbaugh … Global warming causes extreme weather in BOTH directions. For example, the reason the blizzards are getting worse in the Northeast is because the Great Lakes are no longer freezing over thus fueling the stronger snow storms that are topping the headlines and disrupting the start of the baseball season.’

This is April 13th, 2007. But today, Lake Erie is frozen for the first time in 14 years. So now we’re going to hear, ‘Well, yeah! That just means there’s global warming!’ It just doesn’t work that way. They call it ‘climate change,’ now. But this is all becoming… What did I see? This can’t be right. My memory must be failing. I think I saw somewhere today where less than 20% now believe it, man-made global warming. I’ll have to find it somewhere here in the stack. Now, here, from another UK paper, a paper called The Register: ‘More trouble looms for the IPCC. The body may need to revise statements made in its Fourth Assessment Report on hurricanes and global warming. A statistical analysis of the raw data shows that the claims that global hurricane activity has increased cannot be supported.’ Now, remember, this was a central feature of Algore’s propaganda movie.

‘Les Hatton once fixed weather models at the Met Office. Having studied Maths at Cambridge, he completed his PhD as meteorologist: his PhD was the study of tornadoes and waterspouts. He’s a fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society, currently teaches at the University of Kingston, and is well known in the software engineering community — his studies include critical systems analysis,’ and he goes on cite that Algore uses a fluke year of 2005, one year, to push the agenda that global warming (or climate change, whatever it is) is causing more and more intense hurricanes. This guy has analyzed it: 1999 and 2009 and then between 1946 and 2009 averages of storms and their strength ‘almost exactly balances’ out, and Algore picked one year in that range, 2005, to make a 100-year prediction that everybody bought into. Then, ladies and gentlemen, the Obama administration scientist on snowstorms is out there saying ‘weather is not climate.’ This is yesterday on an NPR radio show in Washington, the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) administrator Jane Lubchenco, got this question. Last week we saw some really unusual weather patterns not only through the mid-Atlantic but even today in the southern part of the US. What do you think has made this year so different?’

LUBCHENCO: It’s important that people recognize that weather is not the same as climate, and record-breaking storms neither negate nor approve climate change. This year we have indeed seen a lot of seemingly strange things — record snowfalls in the mid-Atlantic region — even though the planet is warming. And this isn’t a contradiction, and it’s not really unexpected. The multiple snowstorms we’ve been seeing this winter with more on the way likely (clearing throat) are a result of the confluence of El Nino and the Arctic Oscillation.

RUSH: That’s exactly right, and they are cyclical and they happen all the time regardless of man-made activity! Now, she says here: ‘[T]he planet is warming.’ Well, we just had Phil Jones, the architect of all of this, and Michael Mann, the guy at Penn State who put together the bogus hockey stick graph, have admitted — Well, Jones has admitted – – there hasn’t been any warming since 1995. The Medieval period was in fact warmer than it is today, and, of course, there was no manmade activity to cause it back then. The bottom has fallen out of this, and yet Obama’s NOAA administrator is out there still promulgating a hoax, promulgating a lie. I think this Lubchenco woman needs to resign. She’s not fazed in the least after learning Dr. Jones is a fraud! So she got another question. ‘One last word. What is your reaction to the growing sense around the country, perhaps even around the world, that global warming is a hoax?’

LUBCHENCO: Climate change is underway. It’s happening now. It is resulting in many changes that will affect the way people live and do business. And the fact that (clearing throat) we are getting more and more requests for information about droughts, about future heat waves, about air quality, forest fires, sea level rise inundating coasts —

RUSH: Wait a minute, stop the tape. She just said ‘weather is not climate,’ didn’t she? And now she’s citing a bunch of weather phenomena to suggest that there’s warming. She said, ‘heat waves, forest fires, sea level rise inundating coasts.’ Does this woman not know that the hoaxers have pretty much come clean? You know, this guy’s name is Phil Jones. Do you remember the Billy Paul song, Me and Mrs. Jones? (signing) ‘We got a thang going…’ She could sing a duet with the guy. A normal person would be outraged over how they have been misled here by these people. A scientist would be curious to know all the facts, and we don’t get that with Obama’s propaganda scientists. Weather may not be climate, but years of weather where there’s no warming is climate. We’re not talking about today’s cold weather or yesterday’s cold weather or last summer’s cold weather. We’re talking about the cumulative weather since 1995.

That’s the climate that Dr. Phil Jones is talking about when he says there hasn’t been any warming since 1995. Folks, do you realize that we’re talking 15 years, and we were told 1998 was the hottest year ever! ‘It’s going to get worse! We’re going to bake! We’re going to fry,’ and Obama is out there saying, ‘Let this be the day! Let the sea levels begin to fall!’ (clapping) ‘Right on, right on, right on!’ These people have zilch, zero, nada credibility, and I think what’s happened here is Jane Lubchenco of NOAA has given herself away. A really good liar would feign some concern here. A really poor liar just keeps pitching the same lie with no emotion, after learning that one of her coconspirators just turned state’s evidence! This is like Al Capone’s henchman continuing to say, ‘We never did anything,’ after Capone just admitted everything. What legitimate scientist wouldn’t call time-out on anything connected with global warming? See, the bottom line is this is not science. That’s been my point for 25 years. There’s nothing about this that’s science. It’s pure left-wing politics.

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