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RUSH: Chris in Kennesaw, Georgia, welcome to the program. Nice to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thanks for taking my call. Mega dittos. Two quick things before I get to my point. Bill O’Reilly was clueless in that interview with Sarah Palin and he proved it because he actually thought you said F-ing retard before Rahm Emanuel, and just imagine Amy Bishop if she was associated with tea party movement and, you know, how the media would be running with that —

RUSH: Oh, ho-ho-ho. Oh, that’s exactly my point. It’s exactly my point. You’re exactly right.

CALLER: But the reason I was calling was, you know, given your great legal mind and the fact that you come from a family of great legal minds, isn’t there some way to bring people like Algore up on charges of fraud over this global warming thing?

RUSH: At some point I think this is going to happen.

CALLER: Well, we got trillions in fraud in the so-called green technology, and it’s even reached fraudulent legislation with the lightbulbs that you were just talking about, not to mention cap and trade, which is far from dead, and the needless deaths that have occurred in these so-called hybrid cars that people have been duped into buying.

RUSH: I know. The list goes on and look at how children have been ill-educated, miseducated, lied to.

CALLER: That’s gotta be first.

RUSH: And it’s big. This is billions if not trillions of dollars that have —

CALLER: Trillions of dollars —

RUSH: — been redirected to a bunch of commie bastards who have been running a hoax for the express purpose of enriching themselves and advancing the whole notion of socialism, big government, liberalism, whatever you want to call it.

CALLER: Rush, just one more thing in closing, in regard to the T-word, just say Turtle Dove.

RUSH: (laughing) Just say Turtle Dove.

CALLER: We’ll know what you mean.

RUSH: All right, from now on Turtle Dove.

CALLER: You’re awesome. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Freaking Turtle Doves. Okay, that’s helpful advice from Chris in Kennesaw, Georgia. He’s got a good question. The fraud here and what it’s cost people, the automobile industry, look at the CAFE standards, all this crap that was designed to save the planet, not to end pollution, to stop the emissions of carbon dioxide. It’s all a giant, big lie.


RUSH: I probably shouldn’t be public with this. A lot of people ask me if I ever fear for myself on a security basis. Not fear. You take steps. We’re heavily fortified wherever I happen to be. But I am far more prepared to be fortified against people who I stand in the way of big money than I am afraid of people whose politics I disagree with. We’re talking trillions of dollars here on this global warming hoax. If we’re able to bury this, a lot of people are gonna not make a whole lot of money that they have been banking on — and that makes them really mad, and they might also be sued big time, which will also make them very mad. Ask Tony Soprano what he does to people who stand in the way of him making a score, for example. Now, Algore has a partner in this carbon trading organization that has enriched him to the point right now — the most recent number I read was $500 million. His partner is David Blood, former Goldman Sachs.

Gore and David Blood cofounded Generation Investment Management. Now, this is two years ago. ‘Former Goldman Sachs exec David Blood cofounded Generation Investment Management with Gore and the firm now has nearly $1 billion under management.’ That’s two years ago. Al Gore’s $100 million makeover, Current TV? Generation Investment Management. Inconvenient Truth? Generation Investment Management. Folks, this has been a scam and a hoax, and it’s ensnared the typical doofuses like Leonardo DiCaprio and a lot of Hollywood left who are also in this for financial gain as well.

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