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RUSH: Now, how is it that Biden is the soul of nitwits? Well, he was on CBS today in a, quote, unquote, ‘wide-ranging interview’ with Harry Smith. Now, keep in mind: I want you to put yourself in a position of a Democrat in Congress. Obama made you write health care legislation. No fingerprints of his on it. Obama made you write the slush fund, the stimulus. It isn’t working. Obama put you in charge of wrecking the US economy, and then you get to turn on CBS today and you hear Biden. Harry Smith: ‘You said to me at lunch you’ve never seen Washington this dysfunctional.’

BIDEN: I’ve never seen it this dysfunctional. I’m trying to get the other team to cooperate, to get in the game here a little bit. I understand their political motivation but I think people say the message out of Massachusetts election was to Democrats. I think it was to everybody in public life, and it was, ‘Hey, guys, get your act together. Get something going on.’

RUSH: Never seen it this dysfunctional? Well, who’s trying to? Who’s trying to from top to bottom? You think Scott Brown’s election was against all incumbents? It was against one! It was against Ted Kennedy and the handpicked ‘Marcia’ Coakley, as his son Patrick calls her. So now imagine you’re a member of Congress and you’re turning on CBS and you hear Joe Biden get this question: ‘Unemployment is hovering around ten. The real unemployment number is probably closer to 15 or 20%. People don’t think you or a lot of other folks in Washington get it. Does the Obama administration get it?’

BIDEN: We — we get it. We understand why they’re angry. Uh, look… Umm… We are in good shape compared to the Congress. No one in Washington is in good shape. It reflects the reality that Washington right now is broken. I don’t ever recall a time in my career where to get anything done you needed a supermajority, 60 out of 100 senators.

BROWN: Mmmph!

BIDEN: You can block anything.

BROWN: Right, right.

RUSH: I don’t remember a time in my life where if somebody had 60 votes out of a hundred he couldn’t get anything done! This is so convoluted, folks, as to be hilariously humorous. Did you hear what he just said? ‘Uh, I never recall a time in my career where to get anything done you needed a supermajority, 60 out of…’ How about every year you’ve been in the Senate, doofus! You’ve always had to get 60 votes on a piece of legislation to stop debate and move it to a vote. I’ve never seen a party with 60 votes in the Senate not be able to get anything done like this bunch. But the point here is, he said, ‘Look, we,’ meaning Obama and me, ‘we’re in good shape, compared to Congress.’ Didn’t Biden just push Democrats off the cliff? ‘Oh, yeah, we’re in good shape up here! Obama and I, we’re in good shape compared to Congress.’

See, Obama doesn’t face the electorate until 2012. Congress faces them in November. So, yeah, in that regard the White House is in good shape compared to Congress. Biden said, ‘The atmosphere of high anxiety across the country reflects the reality that Washington right now is broken.’ Well, here we go: The brevity soul of nitwits, Joe Biden, once again just whacked his boss. Washington’s ‘broken.’ He’s never seen it so broken. Who’s running it? Democrats! His party! Obama, Pelosi, Harry Reid. Brevity is the soul of wit. Thank you, Joe Biden! While standing up there trying to support Obama he throws every one of them under the bus here. ‘I’ve never seen it this dysfunctional.’ Stop and think about that. This is part of the Big Lie. The Big Lie also includes this notion it’s the Republicans stopping all of this. The Big Lie is out there that Evan Bayh is a moderate when he’s voted down the line with Obama on everything.

The Big Lie out there is that Evan Bayh is even a conservative. He’s a full-fledged, 100% liberal in terms of supporting every Obama agenda item out there. So here’s Biden, the vice president, saying, ‘I’ve never seen it this dysfunctional.’ Well, what’s the circumstance? The Democrats have megamajorities in both houses of Congress. Obama has set the table for what he once said he needed: A slush fund bill and Obamacare health care. Both are disasters, and Biden blames a dysfunctional Congress. There is no honor among thieves, which again begs the question when discussing Joe Biden: ‘Is brevity also the soul of nitwit?’ I guarantee you’re not going to hear about this in the Drive-By Media, but when these Democrats up in Capitol Hill, both the House and the Senate, read this — and when they see this, that Biden dumping on them for not being able to get anything done and everything being dysfunctional — who’s running the place? Who’s running it? Who has 60 votes and can’t get anything done? I’ve never seen that.

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