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RUSH: San Diego is next. This is Mark. You’re on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Dittos. Hey, you’re the voice of our Founding Fathers out there. I have two questions. Do you think this is the end of socialism we’re seeing with FDR and the lack of money for Social Security, Medicare, and then the subprime mortgages that led to the bank collapse, which was for a socialist cause, too?

RUSH: I hope so.

CALLER: Yeah, I do, too.

RUSH: But let me give you some brief history. In 1992 Ronald Reagan said the Clinton agenda, massive socialism, which was what it was when they started, won’t work. Just like communism, it will implode on the weight of its own immorality. There have been four liberal Democrat administrations elected in my lifetime, and each one of them has eventually been rejected after one term and sent packing. And the reason is the American people, when they finally find out what these compassionate Democrats actually implement, want no part of it, but they do get elected. There are cycles. Every 16 or 20 years they do get elected. Sometimes a little bit more frequently than that, but they do get elected. And I think largely the reason for it is that the Republican Party lays down. The Republican Party forgets what got it elected and starts turning into inside-the-Beltway elitism itself, and so people say screw these people, I’m throwing ’em out.

This is why I say that the future of this country needs to be focused on telling and teaching as many people about ideology. All we have to do is take the past year of the Obama administration and say, ‘This is what you’re going to get every time you elect a Democrat, any Democrat. This is what you’re going to get any time, every time you elect a liberal, every time.’ No matter how bad the Republicans get, they are nowhere near this incompetent, or dangerous. But every time you elect a Democrat, this is what you’re going to get. The last Democrat about whom this couldn’t be said, and it was a close call, was JFK. But FDR overreached, they always overreach. What has to happen to make this rejection permanent is that conservatives, genuine, constitutional conservatives have to take over the Republican Party. They cannot go third party. They have to take it over ’cause these cycles are killing the country. Ideology, teach liberalism, teach what the Democrat Party is and tell people this is no different, this is just worse ’cause we never had a more radical bunch than this guy, but this is what you’re going to get every damn time you elect ’em.

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