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Rush’s Morning Update: Desperation
February 19, 2010

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According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, Americans “overwhelmingly” oppose the recent Supreme Court decision that allows corporations to contribute to political campaigns. Supposedly, 80 percent think it’s a bad decision and 72 percent want Congress to come up with new legislation. The Washington Post claims: “The results suggest a strong reservoir of bipartisan support on the issue for President Obama and congressional Democrats.”

My friends, I guarantee you:This poll is flat-out BS. If you asked the majority of voters what they think of the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, they wouldn’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Try it yourself — ask your friends and family.

The Democrats are just angry and scared bleep-less over this ruling. They don’t want corporations to spend money to oppose them, and they’re trying to manufacture outrage. That’s why Obama rudely slammed the Supreme Court at his flop-sweat State of The Obama show.

Obama, ABC, and the Washington Post are just doing their part to create the appearance of a groundswell to spur legislation. And lest you forget,they are very large corporations, too –but they have a say in the political process.Their biased reporting is Constitutionally protected by the First Amendment (talking about ABC), yet they are perfectly fine with denying other corporations their First Amendment voice in the process (talking about the Washington Post, too).

This is sheer desperation, folks. Democrats are in danger of losing their grip on power, and they — and their State-Controlled Media accomplices –will do anything to hang onto it.

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