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RUSH: we have some audio updates here on what happened down there in Austin, Texas. These are audio sound bites 24, 25, and 26. A press conference regarding the plane crash. Here’s the Austin police chief Art Acevedo, and we have three sound bites of what he said.

ACEVEDO: I can tell you, categorically, that there is no cause for concern from a law enforcement OR a terrorism perspective. Uh, this incident is contained. It’s under control. The one point I need to point out is that this is an isolated incident here, that there is no cause for alarm, and that people should continue their lives as they would any other day of the week.

RUSH: I wish I were there. I would love to ask Mr. Acevedo a question. ‘Chief Acevedo, we were told after 9/11 that we had to take time to understand why there was so much rage against us from the militant Islamists. And even now, our own president has said that we must have policies that show the Muslim world that we mean them no ill will. We’re willing to try their terrorists, the masterminds of 9/11 in our own civil courts, to show that we mean no ill will. Will there be a similar request on the part of government officials to make sure we show no ill intent toward this pilot and maybe find out what it is that had him so ticked off?’ I mean, if we’re gonna spend now, what, 10 years, 12 years trying to figure out what happened at 9/11, why they hated us so much, should we not spend some time to figure out why this guy hated Bush, hated his wife, hated the IRS, hated his accountant, and hated the Catholic church? The guy hated the Catholic Church, hatred Bush, hated the IRS, hated his accountant, and hated his wife. Now, should we endeavor to understand why? I would love to ask that question. An unidentified reporter did say, ‘Chief, how do you know it’s an isolated incident?’

ACEVEDO: You know, what? You have to take me at my word now, don’t you? That’s all I’m going to tell you. The second piece that I think is really important is we’re starting to get news reports that — that this aircraft was stolen. There is a lot of speculation. I can tell you right now that your reports are inaccurate and it is irresponsible journalism to put out information that is not confirmed from law enforcement. Please do not put out speculation. Uh, because this aircraft, I can tell you right now, it was not a stolen aircraft.

RUSH: Whoa. So the media got something wrong. Who woulda thought. The hell, you say! The hell, you say! The media got something wrong? No! Can’t possibly be. (laughing) I’m shocked, folks, I don’t know if I can deal with this in my fragile state of near arrange and irritability today. After all of this I had to put up today, I now find out the media gets things wrong? What are they going to call ’em now, ‘the fly-by media,’ along with the Drive-By Media, along with the State-Controlled Media? So, let’s see. An unidentified reporter then says, ‘Look, we’ve been seeing on blogs and all that the connection between a house fire in north Austin and a man who put out a suicide note regarding the IRS, his CPA, the Catholic Church, George W. Bush, and his wife.’

ACEVEDO: In terms of the investigation, the investigation is fluid. It is ongoing.

RUSH: Well, there we have it,. There we have it.


RUSH: By the way, do you remember the New York Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle flying around with his flight instructor and they flew into a building at the Belaire Condominiums, 524 East 72nd Street near the East River, back on October 11th, 2006? I remember Charlie Rangel was on Neil Cavuto that day. This is the sound bite that we had of Charlie Rangel: ‘I thank God that it was not a terrorist attack. Having been in New York, uh, on that Tuesday, September the 9th, uh, I thought that was an accident — and of course it broke my heart, and there’s less aching in my heart now, um, that it was a terrorist attack. But I get no comfort at all in believing that we are prepared for a terrorist attack. The jets went up after the fact. I still wonder how a plane could fly up the Hudson and be able to do this type of damage.’ So he had to take the obligatory shot at Bush. So if we turn this around: How could so locoweed who hated Bush get in this little, single engine Piper or whatever it was, and fly all around?

How could he leave a bunch of suicides notes on a website, plow into the first floor of a building to house the IRS, leave a full-fledged manifesto (I’ve read it now) on a website in which he rails against Bush, his accountant, the Catholic Church, his wife, and the IRS? Now, if we wanted to play Rangel’s game: ‘How in the world would this possibly happen? Are we not prepared for terrorism?’ They did put a couple F-16s up there after the fact. NORAD launched them. But that’s what these guys do. Everything is political to them. In all of this, it never even occurred to me to attach this to Obama. I mean, even after I learned this guy hated Bush. I could have been sitting here saying, ‘Hey, it’s a Democrat that did this! A Democrat that crashed into that building!’ I wasn’t going to say that. I’ve said it now since I reminded myself what Rangel had said after crash. That, by the way — airplanes flying up the Hudson River — is constant. This guy had an accident. He was flying a plane with a flight instructor, something happened, a wind gust or something. It pulled the wings up. He didn’t do it on purpose. This guy did it on purpose.

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