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RUSH: What are we doing here on PMSNBC? Ah, stupid! Obama’s having a town hall meeting out there in Las Vegas and Dingy Harry is in the audience, and he doesn’t look inspired. Now, Fox was running this, but Obama’s been broomed for Tiger’s porn star mistress. I dig it. You know — (laughing) — I just got a note from a guy. The safest way is to not tell you what I think about any of this, but just share with you what people are telling me. (laughing) I just got a note from a guy who said: ‘What happened to the good old days when sluts were sluts and just stayed quiet?’ Oh, poor Tiger. It’s uncontrollable out there, folks. It literally is just uncontrollable. Anyway, Dingy Harry is in the audience, not inspired at Obama’s town meeting. And really this is just a giveaway. Obama is buying voters for Harry Reid using TARP money paid back by the evil banks. I hope the local ACORN chapter is out there getting their cut of this. They need foot soldiers and ballot stuffers if they hope to drag Reid across the finish line in November.

This is from the New York Times caucus blog: ‘President Obama will announce a modest housing initiative during an appearance in Las Vegas on Friday, according to senior administration officials who say the White House has decided to release $1.5 billion from bank bailout funds –‘ that’s TARP money ‘– to help struggling homeowners in five states — Nevada, California, Arizona, Michigan, Florida — that are hardest hit by the housing crisis.’ Here’s the State-Controlled AP version: ‘President Obama is unveiling a $1.5 billion housing help today, a boost timed to his appearance in the city, Las Vegas, with the worst foreclosure crisis in the country. The policy wrinkle comes during a two-day western trip with different agendas for the president. He’ll be back in town hall mode, a venue that aides say allows him to connect with people and distance himself from the messy process of Washington governing.’ You know, we got a phone call coming up on this when we get to the next segment. I really am getting tired of all of this ‘Washington’s dysfunctional, it’s just too hard, it’s ungovernable, it’s lost, we can never put it back together, the system is so screwed up.’

It’s not the system that is screwed up. Besides that, AP, Obama asked for this messy job. He wanted this messy job. He told us he’s the only guy capable of doing it and fixing these problems, and all he’s done is make them worse, and you give him a pass by saying he will distance himself from the messy process of Washington governing. He’s the one that’s messed it up, he’s the one that wanted the job. Whole messy process. The adults are going to have to come in and clean this up, hopefully starting in November. ‘For Obama, slowing the foreclosure rate is a key step in the recovery of the overall economy. Millions of people have lost their homes because they could no longer afford their mortgages,’ so we’re bailing them out again. What is this, version 2.1.4?

This is CNNmoney.com: ‘Housing Help for Unemployed, Underwater Borrowers.’ And here’s the pull quote that’s really important in this story: ‘The majority of underwater mortgages are heavily concentrated in five states being targeted by the president: Nevada, at 65%; Arizona, at 48%; Florida, at 45%; Michigan, at 37%; and California, at 35%, according to the research firm First American CoreLogic.’ Now, how many times is Obama going to get a Mulligan on this? How many foreclosure-stalling programs has he had? How many mortgage adjustment programs has he had? How many programs has he had to help people who can’t afford to pay for their house stay in the house with mortgage assistance? And what makes him think it’s gonna work this time?

Could we pause for just a second? Just pause for just a second and examine what these states have in common. Here we go. Nevada, Arizona — stick with me on this, I just want to pause and examine what they have in common. Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Michigan, California. Besides each of them having either full-fledged liberal Democrat or Republican-in-name-only leadership, they are all highly filled with illegal aliens. And this is just ‘the administration’s latest attempt to fix its signature foreclosure-prevention effort, the Home Affordable Modification Program.’ It’s failed! A couple or three times already. This is just a show. This is nothing more than an attempt to trick people and fool people in these states into thinking Obama is helping them and to get the media to report that help is on the way. Yep, it’s coming, Obamacare, we’re going to do something about it, and nothing is going to change. Zip, zero, nada.


RUSH: I am watching Obama at his town hall meeting out there so he can better connect with the people and avoid the messy governance in Washington, and Dingy Harry is in the audience and I have never seen anybody look more dead who was still breathing in my life than Dingy Harry. The guy looks cadaverous. He looks like he’s thinking it’s over. I mean the truth of the matter is, it is Dingy Harry who is under water, and Obama is using TARP money to try to bail him out. He’s in heap big trouble. Oh, there’s a smile. Get this. He’s saying that ‘I’m not proposing the government takeover of health care,’ which he is, but this is the kicker. Obama said that college tuition is up because of health care costs.

Now, let me ask any of you, have any of you ever made that association? Dawn, you just sent your first child to college. Did you ever think the high cost of tuition is because of health care in the country? No. You know, college tuition is skyrocketing and it’s the one business, Big Education, that is never, ever targeted by the left because the left runs it. You know why college tuition is going up is because of greedy universities. If we’re going to sit here and say to Big Oil and Big Retail they’re greedy and profiteering, what the hell are we going to say about Big Education? If everybody’s going to get health care, it’s a moral right, why aren’t we going to give everybody a Harvard education? Harvard’s got an endowment, right? They could probably give away who knows how many admissions for who knows how many years to go through their multiple billion-dollar endowment. If education is so important, why does anybody have to pay for that? Health care is so important and nobody apparently has to pay for that, so why do we have to pay for education? Tuition is skyrocketing because of greedy universities, Big Education, plain as day.


RUSH: Here is Obama sealing Harry Reid’s fate by praising him.

OBAMA: Good to be back at Henderson, and good to be with my good friend, your great Senator, Harry Reid. (cheers and applause)

RUSH: All right! Yes!

OBAMA: I can personally attest that Harry Reid is one of the toughest people I know. He does not give up —

RUSH: Stop, stop, stop the tape. What do you mean he doesn’t give up? (imitating Obama) ‘This war is lost. This war is lost. Petraeus is a liar.’ He was waving the white flag right along with you, Barry.

OBAMA: He knows what he cares about. He knows what he believes in, and he’s willing to fight for it. And sometimes he takes his licks, but he gets back up. Harry Reid has never stopped fighting.

RUSH: Well, that seals his fate. You got Obama out there endorsing you, and Obama knows that it’s Harry Reid who’s really underwater. He’s every bit as underwater as all those people with bad mortgages in Nevada, and TARP money being used to bail out Harry Reid. And here’s Obama announcing the payoff.

OBAMA: Today, thanks to the leadership of Harry Reid, I’m announcing a $1.5 billion fund for housing finance agencies in the states that are the hardest hit by this housing crisis. And that means here in Nevada.

RUSH: So this is the version 2.1.4, it hasn’t worked yet, it won’t work now, it’s not intended to work. It’s designed to make people think Obama and Harry Reid care.

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