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RUSH: Michelle in Winfield, Alabama, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It is such an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: My question for you is there was an article by Patrick Buchanan on WorldNetDaily, and he was stating that America faces a crisis of democracy and predicted a paralyzed government. I want to know what the Doctor of Democracy thinks about this.

RUSH: You know, I have always admired Pat Buchanan, but I think he’s wrong on this. I think the system is working exactly as it’s designed. The American people don’t want any of this garbage, and it ain’t happening. It’s been slowed down. And there’s a history to this. This is by no means the first time we have heard that the system is ungovernable, that it’s unmanageable, that democracy doesn’t work. Charles Krauthammer has a piece on this today, and he reminds us of this, Michelle: ‘In the latter days of the Carter presidency, it became fashionable to say that the office had become unmanageable and was simply too big for one man. Some suggested a single, six-year presidential term. The president’s own White House counsel suggested [getting rid of] the separation of powers and going to a more parliamentary system of unitary executive control. America had become ungovernable.’ This happens — how old are you, Michelle? Give me a range. I’m not supposed to ask your age.

CALLER: Oh, I don’t have a problem telling you my age. I’m 34 years old.

RUSH: Okay, 34. You haven’t been alive long enough to know that this is a standard, ordinary page out of the playbook that when Democrat leadership politics is falling apart, they blame the system. And I’m not associating Buchanan with being a Democrat, don’t make any misconception about that. I’m just saying that this is what starts going around. Buchanan is not the only guy saying it. This is what starts going around when liberalism starts to crash and burn, Democrat Party politics crash and burn right in front of everybody’s eyes. Because after Reagan came along, all the chatter about how the system doesn’t work went away. ‘The tyranny of entitlements? Reagan collaborated with Tip O’Neill, legendary Democrat House speaker, to establish the Alan Greenspan commission that kept Social Security solvent for a quarter-century. A corrupted system of taxation? Reagan worked with liberal Democrat Bill Bradley to craft a legislative miracle: tax reform that eliminated dozens of loopholes and slashed rates across the board — and fueled two decades of economic growth.’

What it means here, Michelle, is that there’s just no leadership right now. The system is fine. The system’s worked well when there are competent leaders in position. Obama is not a leader, he’s an agitator, he does not have solutions, all he knows to do is keep people worked up, on edge, in panic and frenzy. And one of the best ways to do that is make it look like the government is not working anymore and demand a change in that government, to what? A more powerful executive! Get rid of having to deal with all these little peeps in Congress here, let the president do what he’s naturally oriented toward doing. As Krauthammer concludes in his piece, this is ‘not a structural defect. [What’s happening now is] a textbook demonstration of popular will expressing itself — despite the special interests — through the existing structure. In other words, the system [is working].’ And I really want you to believe that because it’s truth.

CALLER: Well, I really —

RUSH: Get somebody in there that can lead, has an idea-based agenda that is rooted in our founding, in the Constitution, and all this stuff will go away.

CALLER: Well, but my other question is do you think that there is going to be a conservative that comes in and that can lead and bring about the way that our Founding Fathers wanted and the belief in the Constitution —

RUSH: If I didn’t think that I wouldn’t be here, I would’ve moved to Singapore or New Zealand. Of course there will be that. Absolutely.

CALLER: Well, I certainly hope so because as a mother of two young boys it is very important to me that there is a country left for my children to believe in.

RUSH: Damn straight, damn straight. And it’s going to be — you’re going to have a role in this, too. We all are. In how you educate your children, the values that you inculcate to them, the morality that you teach them. We all have a role here. I mean, one of the problems here is that we’ve allowed morality to become relative to whatever plunges our perverted culture takes from now and then. We don’t want to be judgmental.

I’m going to say something. Liberals hate this, and you wait — next couple days I’m going to be excoriated for this. I don’t know how, bull I will be. Our law descends for our morality. And we’re all born with an innate sense of it. We all have a conscience. Now, some of us, you know, wires get crossed and some of us simply become murderers, rob banks, you know, have 12 or 15 girlfriends or what have you. But can you imagine — I want you people to try a mind experiment and see if you could do this, see if you could actually do it. Try living 30 minutes with no moral boundaries. Ask yourself if you can do it. Would your innate humanity allow you to? Live just for 30 minutes with no moral boundaries, no guardrails. Ram into somebody, run every red light, go where you want at 85 miles an hour, to hell with what happens. See if you can do it. You can’t. The people who can do that are the people not wired correctly, something’s wrong with them. They are not a majority. And we need to institutionalize them, care for them and so forth and so on.

But the vast majority of Americans understand that our morality is what gives us our law, and one of the big problems that we’re facing right now is that we do not have a respect for the constitutional laws, the natural law that founded this country within the Democrat Party or the White House today. They are living their lives as though there are no founding principles, moral boundaries. They can do whatever they want. The Constitution says you can’t do something? Screw the Constitution. They’re going to do whatever they want to do. That’s what we’re up against. You get a properly moral person imbued with the values of our founding and the Constitution, and we’ll come out of this (snaps fingers) like that.

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