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RUSH: So, I’m in there in Snerdley’s office, we always repair in there ’cause it’s a fun three or four minutes of every hour to just see what the hell they’re doing in the news media. And Snerdley is just sitting there looking at the monitors, don’t know what he’s thinking about it, I’m looking, we got Mess NBC, got Fox and C-SPAN on in there. And Snerdley says, ‘I just don’t understand this.’ Oh, they put up a deal, Boehner: ‘Democrats are doubling down on a backroom deal,’ they’re not supporting ’em, the House Republicans not supporting Obama. Snerdley says, ‘I really don’t understand their strategy here.’ ‘What do you mean? Thank God they’re not going to support.’ ‘No, no, no, I’m talking about the Democrats.’ ‘What do you mean, talking about the Democrats?’ ‘Rush, I don’t understand their strategy. It’s an election year. Nobody, nobody wants what they’re literally ramming down our throats.’ I very patiently — I must answer this question countless times a day. I said, ‘Snerdley, you’re trying to understand irrational people in your own rational way, and it’s never gonna work.’

You gotta understand, these people have wanted this health care like this since Roosevelt! Think of the Lord of the Rings, the guy that needed the third ring. It drove him insane. Anybody that touched the ring got insane. Health care is the ring. They are willing to lose seats to get this because this finally remakes the country into a socialist whatever else you want to describe it, with their party ultimately in charge. I said, ‘You have to understand –‘ and this is not a perfect analogy, because the kamikaze pilots had more honor than the Democrats. ‘But I doubt that very many of us could understand willingly getting in a Japanese Zero and flying it into the deck of an aircraft carrier. That’s what they’re doing. They are committing suicide, and if you try to understand that in a rational way, I’m sorry, it’s not going to ever make sense to you.’ You have to understand these people as they are and what it is that motivates them. They’re this close and they wanted it for so many decades. They had 60 votes and they couldn’t get it done! And they had 4,000 more votes than they needed in the House and they couldn’t get it done. And they’ve got this man-child of a president that’s alienating everybody now and it’s gone off the edge of the cliff and they want to grab it and go over the cliff with it because they think that’s how it’s going to pass. They’re that close!

Now they’ve lost the Kennedy seat. Now we’re talking insanity. Now we’re talking payback. ‘All right, you people are going to take away the Kennedy seat from us? Well, watch this. You like your freedom? Ha. You better have fun with it the next four years because we’re taking it from you, pal. You don’t support us, you don’t think we’re the best thing that ever happened to you, we’re going to make sure we’re the worst thing that ever happened to you.’ That’s their attitude. You can’t possibly understand that. Nobody wants to believe politicians have that view of American people. I’m telling you, the modern-day Democrat Party as led from Obama on down, has vile, utter contempt, for you. And the more you reject them, and you can’t reject them more than saying, ‘Senator Kennedy’s seat is now not yours.’ You do not understand what that makes them feel. They do not have the humility to say, ‘Gee, what are we doing wrong?’ They don’t have that kind of humility. They’re never wrong. They don’t do anything wrong. We are just too stupid to appreciate their brilliance and we really illustrate our stupidity when we take the Kennedy seat away from them and the governorship of New Jersey and Virginia.

A year ago, folks, they were on the verge of getting the ring. The ring was two centimeters away from the finger. It was ready to be slid on there, a little Dizzy Dean lingo, and now the ring is on the floor, and they can’t find it. And they are in an abject panic. They are irrational to the point of being blinded to the political harm they are causing themselves by doing this. They are that close, they have wanted it for so long, and, by the way, the ‘why they want it’ is very important, too. Aren’t you nervous when you see an individual lusting for power? Here’s hundreds of thousands of these little people lusting for power. They want their hands forever on the US Treasury. Don’t rule out the fact, don’t ignore the fact that it’s all about money.

Have you ever seen a genuine Democrat leader that’s a pauper doing it for the cause? They do it for the cause, but these people don’t want to earn their money by working. They get their money by taking. And when you run one-sixth of the US economy, and when you have whatever numbers of trillions of dollars every year coming into the town you run from the back pockets of the working people and you get your dibs on it first before it gets sent back anywhere, yeah, man, that’s cool. Nowhere else in the world you can go to have access to that kind of money when you don’t even have to earn it. You can spend it and you can buy things with it for yourself and you never, ever have to earn it. What a sweet deal. And they raise young, little liberals at every level of our educational system to become just like them. They’re up against us.

We don’t want government. We don’t want to have power over government. We want to deemphasize government. We don’t want to live in Washington. We don’t want to work in government. We don’t want to become bureaucrats. We want to close bureaucracies. It’s an epic battle. We stand for taking care of ourselves, personal responsibility, all of these things. We’re the ones that are said to be out of touch because of that. It happens to me every time I mention buying something without getting the money from you to do it.

Look at this. Charlie Cook, the esteemed, respected political consultant, makes predictions out there. This from Phil Klein at the American Spectator: ‘Charlie Cook, whose Cook Political Report is the go-to source for reporters assessing the competitiveness of Congressional races, has declared that, ‘it’s very hard to come up with a scenario where Democrats don’t lose the House.” It is hard to come up with a scenario where Democrats don’t lose the House. They know it! They know why. It’s called Obama, and it’s called health care, and it’s called debt, and it’s called spending, and they’re all for it, knowing full well they’re going to lose the House. They believe that before they’re thrown out they can get enough done that will essentially remake this country in ways that will be impossible to tear down for years. It’s as though they believe that they’ll fly their Japanese Zero into one of our aircraft carriers and survive it. Maybe not instantly, but in a couple years they’ll be back in the cockpit of a new Zero. They’re going to lose the House. They know it. Obama’s not going to lose anything. Truth be told, Obama would love to have the Republicans run one of those houses so he can blame them literally for everything that doesn’t get done. He wants to blame the Republicans now even though there’s nothing they can do, or wasn’t until Scott Brown, to stop it.

Charlie Cook: ‘It’s very hard to come up with a scenario where Democrats don’t lose the House.’ Also looking at maybe nine Senate losses, nine Senate seat losses. And it’s only going to get worse, the more they do this, ram something that 60% of the American people want no part of down their throats and openly cheat, break rules, change rules improperly to get it done, led by some of the most unpopular people the country’s ever known, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank, with Obama soon to join them. So the only way you can understand this is to understand how much they want it and why and how close they think they are. I don’t know how ’cause I’ve never lusted for anything like this, I don’t know how to relate to wanting something for 70 years that I thought was actually attainable. I don’t have that kind of lust.

I work all my life to defend and protect the Constitution, but I can’t relate to people who want to tear it apart. I can’t relate to people getting excited about how close they’re getting to being able to do that. I can’t help you to understand it other than to say, it’s irrational. You might play a game, you might have fun trying to come up with something you just love, imagine for 50 years you’ve wanted it. And there it is all of a sudden. You can’t quite do it yourself, but it’s there to be had. You can’t do it, folks, because it’s irrational. It’s entirely irrational, especially when you add to it that it’s just another phase of everything else they’ve always wanted that has never worked.


RUSH: Here’s another way, ladies and gentlemen. I spent many eloquent moments earlier in this hour explaining the liberal mind-set, comparing them to kamikaze pilots, Lord of the Rings, wanting something so bad, being so close to it that you lose all rationality. Probably the best way to understand the mind-set of the left and their commitment to things is a fact of information that I bet many of you don’t know. Who is the Founding Father of communism? Karl Marx, exactly right. And he worked with a guy named what? Trotsky, those guys were bootlickers. They came along later. He worked with Friedrich Engels. What you do not know is that four of Karl Marx’s children literally starved to death while he was researching his work on communism, running around with intellectuals like the very wealthy Friedrich Engels. Four of Karl Marx’s own children literally starved to death while he was running around putting together all the wonderful aspects of communism.


RUSH: Karl Marx could not have been researching communism with Leon Trotsky. Trotsky was four years old when Karl Marx died. Trotsky, folks, was born in 1879, the same day as Hillary, in fact, October 26th. Not sure if the same year. Jury is still out on that.

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