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Rush’s Morning Update: Bad Actors
February 23, 2010

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Over the weekend, President Obama warned lawmakers not to turn his health care summit show into “political theater.” He urged them to instead find “common ground.” Translation: he wants Republican cover as Democrats implement their health care takeover.

So let’s talk “political theater,” shall we? After Scott Brown was elected Senator in Massachusetts (to the “Ted Kennedy seat”),many Democrats claimed they “got it.” They finally understood that Americans wanted the economy fixed –instead of massive unemployment. So Obama focused like a laser beam on a series of campaign-style shows to talk about jobs, but offering no policy changes. He read a few lines about job creation from the prompter, took a few questions, and went to the next city and did it all over again.

Now with that out of the way, the focus is back where Democrats want it: taking over one-sixth of the US economy against the will of the American people. This health care summit is nothing but “political theater,” folks –a triple-X theater because it’s a naked political maneuver to mount another Democrat health care offensive.

Obama’s short-lived focus on jobs was also just “political theater.” It was a distraction to placate voterswhile Democrats plotted their next step on health care.

This president and this Democrat Congress could care less if Americans are out of work and can’t find work. Implementing their radical agenda is the only thing they care about. They are bad actors, after all.

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