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RUSH: This is Sarah in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I’m glad you called. Thank you so much for waiting. Hello.


RUSH: Sarah, hi.

CALLER: I’m very terrified of public speaking but somehow you inspired me to call in.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Thank you, certainly, for allowing me to call in. I wanted to actually share a success story that you helped bring about. Last October I was pretty much liberal to the point where I didn’t understand what I was doing. I had just recently graduated from college about a year or two ago. I didn’t know much. I am ashamed that I didn’t educate myself very much in this, and I was really taken by some of the pretty speeches that Obama had given. I guess I really wanted to put a message out there for anybody else who, they have the right mind but they’re on the wrong team. So I wanted to thank a couple people, specifically you, because without you I wouldn’t have anyone to turn to for commonsense news, which is what really got me. I really cherish listening to you, I listen to you when I exercise every day. It’s the only time I really get news. So I only listen to yours and then maybe Fox later.

For the young people like myself who are in college or just outside of college I would give an encouraging message. I was liberal or close to it. I wanted to do the right thing, to change things for the better, and at the time Obama’s speeches sounded very humanitarian. I do not think about that anymore. I know liberalism is not really about helping people or causes. It’s more about making everyone equal and mediocrity or dissatisfaction. So I don’t want any of the younger adults out there to let guilt drive them to make wrong choices. So I thank you, specifically, for starting me off on this journey. I also want to thank Sarah Palin, who I got to meet at a book signing last fall. She’s a great person. She’s also a person with common sense I can easily follow — and ironically I have to thank the frauds at the global warming institute, because without them they would not have catalyzed my reaction to pretty much fear and hate liberalism. I was a supporter of global warming for a while.

RUSH: I tell you —

CALLER: I didn’t know as much about it, but I did put my faith in the scientists and their research.

RUSH: Sarah, I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed talking to you and hearing you share with us your revelations. I know this had to be a slap upside the head. I hope you’re okay now.


RUSH: That last caller, Sarah. You have to understand: That’s the kind of thing you live for. Here is a young college student who just didn’t even know why she was liberal but she had every misconception about it: That it was compassionate, that it was humanitarian, that Obama was indeed something special. She believed in global warming. And in less than a year, it’s all blown up, and she wanted to call here and talk about it, and she did. She’s representative of a lot more going through this, that either don’t try to call or when they do try to call they don’t get through. We are growing.

Our ranks are swelling because of people like Sarah. I mean here it is, folks: This is liberalism on display. Unfettered, unchecked, unstopped, in Louisiana (well, prior to Bobby Jindal), in Detroit, in California. Wherever you look, that there’s huge trouble you’re going to find liberals and unions that have been in charge and in power. And now you’ve got Obama and the Democrat Party now no longer even asking George Lakoff (rhymes with) to help them disguise what they’re doing. They’re just open about it, and people see it. This is why I say: ‘From now on, no Democrat or liberal ought to ever be given power again,’ but they do package what they do well. They do mask themselves well when they start getting into gear talking about how compassionate they are and how fair they are and how mean the Republicans are.

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