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RUSH: Well, the Drive-Bys, ladies and gentlemen, are trying to stir up trouble between me and Scott Brown. I know this trap, trick, tactic. I’ve seen it employed countless times. What they’re trying to do is suggest here… Well, they want to convince Scott Brown that he’s now hated on the right because I ‘hate’ him, and they’re trying to turn him around on his vote for health care. They’re trying to say, ‘Look, Brown! Look at what these evil, right-wing guys are saying about you. They hate you now! You have not voted their way, and they hate your guts, and they hate you,’ and they’re trying to turn him around. Here it is. This is Sam Stein this morning on Morning Joe. Sam Stein is with the Huffing and Puffington Post. Scarborough said, ‘Maybe they do health care incrementally out there,’ Sam, old buddy, old pal.

STEIN: That’s the fallback option now, if you can’t get something big passed, is to do small bits that are sort of noncontroversial and build on there.


STEIN: Scott Brown, how remarkable is that? (snickering) Within two days he’s now hated by Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH: The question: ‘So you have Scott Brown, hero of the tea party movement a couple weeks ago, now villain number one with a lot of people on the right for voting for this jobs bill which is a collection of tax cuts.’

STEIN: This is pure treachery, obviously. (snickering)

WOMAN: (giggling)

STEIN: You know, Scott Brown elected two weeks ago or whatever was, now he’s the villain of the right. Uh, Rush Limbaugh is not a big fan, of course, this morning. But like you said, this is such a… You know, among the jobs bill, I mean, we had a hundred billion-dollar plus bill in the House that was supposed to be the basis for this. This is $15 billion —

RUSH: All right, stop it. Stop it because they’re misrepresenting it. This is not a ‘jobs bill.’ This is Stimulus 2. Folks, do you realize how much unspent money there is from the original slush fund? There’s about $500 billion from the original slush fund that’s unspent. There’s another one for this, but at no time did I say yesterday, ‘I hate Scott Brown.’ In fact, I said I’m not surprised by this. He’s from Massachusetts. He’s got to throw this out there. He’s gotta do this occasionally. He’s gotta get reelected up there in two years. You know, this is something that, speaking for myself, was not a surprise. And, by the way, he has said… You know, the House gets this thing now, because it passed the Senate. Thirteen or 15 other Republicans voted for it now on final passage in addition to Scott Brown. So, it goes over to the House.

Now, if those people lard the thing up with a bunch of earmarks and pork, Scott Brown has reserved his right to vote against it and said so. So they’re trying to convince Brown, ‘See, these guys don’t really love you. You may as well join us and vote for health care and so forth and so on, because these guys hate you.’ That’s what they’re trying to do, here. Make no mistake about this whatsoever.

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