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RUSH: I’ve been doing some commercials lately for Carbonite and I’m going to have to change one of the things in there that I have been saying because I’ve been saying there’s one thing you can learn right now about time travel, and that is, it ain’t possible. Sorry, it is. Time travel is now possible. If you want to see America’s future, book a flight to Greece. Get off and stay there a couple days, and then if you can find an airline that’s still flying, or if you are alive after all the protests and riots going on, come home and you’ll understand where we are headed.

‘Flights were grounded and ministries and schools were shut in Greece on Wednesday as civil servants and private sector workers went on a nationwide strike to protest EU-backed austerity measures,’ the cutbacks, the lack of spending. You’ve got an entire country of entitled people who expect everything in life is going to be provided for them by their government, and they got to the point now they can’t afford it. The EU is saying, ‘We’re not going to bail you out and you can’t keep going like this. You gotta reduce the GDP percentage of your deficit,’ and so they said, ‘Okay, we’ll put these austerity measures in place,’ and everybody is striking. ‘The 24-hour walkout is the first joint strike called by public and private unions, representing half of Greece’s workforce of 5 million, since the Socialist government won elections in October.’ The socialist government won elections in October, and that was the tipping point for sending this country over the edge.

‘The participation numbers will be seen as a barometer of how much ordinary Greeks support government efforts to slash the deficit to fight a fiscal crisis that has roiled markets and worried its neighbors in the European Union. ‘I am striking against the wage cuts, I am striking because others stole the money and we are the ones who are going to pay,’ said 36-year old civil servant Michalis Korileos. ‘They are cutting my allowances and I have two children to raise, it is difficult.” So time travel is possible, ladies and gentlemen. Head on a plane down to Greece and you’ll see where we might be headed if the Democrats remain in power in this country.

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