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RUSH: Here’s Louise Slaughter with the sob story of the day. She’s a congresswoman from Nueva Orc.

SLAUGHTER: Think about what’s absolutely important here. Not nitpick but think about all of the people out there every single day, the number of people with excess deaths because they have no health insurance. I even had one constituent — you will not believe this and you know you won’t but it’s true — her sister died. This poor woman had no dentures! She wore her dead sister’s teeth, which of course weren’t comfortable and did not fit. Do you ever believe that in America that that’s where we would be?

RUSH: That pretty much sums up the way the Democrats have been approaching this today, while the Republicans have been asking the Democrats: What the hell does this mean here in your bill. ‘She’s having to wear her dead sister’s teeth. And, of course, it’s uncomfortable, they don’t fit. Do you believe that would happen in America?’ Yeah, when Obama’s running things. Absolutely I believe it. It’s only going to get worse, Congresswoman Slaughter.


RUSH: You know, I’m getting so many people, this Louise Slaughter comment on the dentures, I’m getting so many people, this is big. I think it’s a one-time mention for a laugh, but there are people out there who think this is huge ’cause it’s so stupid. I mean, for example, what’s wrong with using a dead person’s teeth? Aren’t the Democrats big into recycling, save the planet? And so what? So what if you don’t have any teeth, so what? What’s applesauce for? Isn’t that why they make applesauce? Didn’t the Democrats want to tax dentures and medical devices and all the rest of it? They did. And to some people dentures are a medical device. So here’s Louise Slaughter, (imitating Slaughter) ‘Can you believe in America, a woman wearing another dead woman’s teeth?’ And teeth are mentioned in the House bill, they are. I don’t have time to give you all the details right before the break. House bill does mention teeth on page 1714 out of 1990 pages: Insured that pulpal therapy, not including 23 pulpototomies on deciduous teeth or extraction of 24 adult teeth can be performed by dental health aid therapists only after consultation with dead person who’s lost their dentures. It doesn’t say that. But teeth are mentioned in the House bill.


RUSH: Look, so there happens to be a woman in Louise Slaughter’s district wearing a dead woman’s teeth. Let me blow the whistle on a guy where I live. There’s a guy, I know it for a fact, where I live, who wears women’s dresses. Now, what does that have to do with anything? What does that have to do with Medicare, Medicaid, health care summit or whatever? I don’t know him well at all. I just know it to be true. Don’t doubt me.


RUSH: Detroit, Michigan, Don, as we go back to the phones. Great to have you with us, sir, on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush, great to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I just wanted to share a small story with you, unlike these teeth stories you’ve been hearing today. My wife, after a routine blood test, was diagnosed with a little bit of a high sugar and they needed to monitor it. I’m currently unemployed and uninsured and I went to one of the best hospitals here in Detroit, they not only did the tests, they gave us all the literature, the education, the equipment, the medical devices and everything to monitor her blood work, and they didn’t ask me for a dime. So, you know, all these sob stories I’ve been hearing is maybe one of a hundred. I don’t know what the issue is —

RUSH: Yeah, you know what, that’s exactly right. And you talk about props. This has been nothing but a giant prop. Every Democrat’s gotten up there and read a letter from a constituent or told some sob story and it all adds up to how unfair, rotten this country is, how mean the people in the insurance business are, how mean the people in the health care business, we need to do something about that. They’ve been talking about this for 30 years this way. Tom Coburn made the point: ‘Mr. President, you go to the emergency room, you get covered. It’s the law and nobody doesn’t get treatment in this country.’ And we’ve heard the horror stories, something like ten people in some little Texas hospital account for over 6000 emergency room visits over three years. Yeah, really rotten.

By the way, folks, have you noticed something today, have you noticed how all these Republicans sound just like Tom Harkin? Have you noticed how all these Republicans sound just like all the Democrats at this thing today? You missed that, Snerdley? You missed that? Well, then you obviously don’t have your mind right or it’s not screwed on properly, because there’s no difference. Big difference, my foot. There’s no difference, everybody knows these people are all inside-the-Beltway taxers and spenders, it’s all the same bunch of people. E-mail from my listeners is telling me that every day here.

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